MSM Cream for keeping skin youngI was reading the reviews on an MSM cream I get at where I buy all my natural supplements for health and beauty, and I was really excited about all the different benefits people have experienced with it.

I use the cream and I do feel it keeps skin looking smoother, younger, and may be having a positive effect on getting rid of the “chicken neck” I developed recently after dropping 8 pounds in one week (and then continuing to drop more after that).

So I wanted to sort of catalog some of the user reviews that I found particularly  informative and inspiring when I need a refresher on all the many benefits of MSM cream.

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By the way, this cream is under $8 for a good sized jar! Forget expensive department store creams that are filled with chemicals that are ultimately bad for you – natural and super-affordable is the way to go! You’ll get much better results, stay healthier, and keep more money in your wallet.

I want to mention, though, that for even more powerful effects, you should also take MSM powder or pills internally as well. Nourish your skin with this wonder supplement from the inside and out (MSM also has so many other benefits and healing effects on the body – more on that in a future article).

Basically the benefits of MSM Cream can be summarized like this:

  • Soothes, smoothes, softens, un-wrinkles the skin
  • Firmer, plumper breasts when cream is applied directly to breasts daily.
  • Reduces joint pain when applied directly to source of pain regularly.
  • Softens dry skin and hands, especially the type you get in winter
  • Good for alleviating anal itch.
  • Firmer skin, lessens wrinkles.
  • Gets rid of stretch marks
  • Gets rid of callouses on feet
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Reduces pitted scars (from acne)
  • Use it over a serum to lock the serum in place.
  • It helps your skin by locking in all the goodness so it can best regenerate effectively, like a protective layer.

Benefits Real Users Have Experienced with MSM (I  learn so much from reading these kinds of reviews!)

  • “In the morning, my skin glows when I wake up and in the afternoon, it still looking good and doesn’t become oily like it usually does. Note: one thing is, it can get you a little dry if you put too much of this stuff. It’s a great night cream, but reduce some or all for day use if it dries your skin, because although it’s doing all these great things for your skin, the MSM dosage for this cream might be too high for 24/7 use for some people”.
  • Someone remarked that its “not makeup friendly; it makes my skin too matt for a smooth makeup application”.   My solution for that is to wait a few minutes after putting on the MSM cream so that it can fully penetrate the upper layers of the skin, then apply a tiny amount of grapeseed oil to the surface of your skin. Then your makeup will slide on beautifully, and in fact, your skin will have a glowey, dewy look.
  •  “Use it smartly, you can benefit from this cream more than any other cream, even more many high end name brands”.
  • People have remarked that the cream calms down pain from RA, COPD, peroneal tendonitis, stiff joints, tendons, knee pain in minutes. (Its a good idea to be consuming MSM powder on a daily basis as well if you have pain).
  • Helps heal active break-outs, reduces discoloration on existing hyper pigmentation, and a gradual leveling of deeply pitted acne scars.
  • “I have used this only for about a month, but so far the result have been great! Hopefully they will continue. Downside: the ingredients contain preservatives that I typically stay away from, but I made the exception because I do not use any other harsh cosmetics, so I figured some presence additives wouldn’t be too damaging. Upside: My face is looking better and better every day!”
  • “My pain is completely gone and I applied it religiously for at least 2 weeks before I saw the results. I recommend this brand over any other brand for pain relief.”
  • “Using it daily on stretch marks for about two weeks, and I’ve noticed they’re fading”.
  • “I have tried lasers for my pitted acne scarring and it did not help much. Pleased to find that I can see a difference on the area of scarring after 1 month of using this cream”.
  • “No more saggy skin. After losing a lot of weight my face took a beating!! I tried so hard to get rid of my double chin and I was left with a gaunt wrinkly sort of skin. I lavish this on my face and neck and found a dramatic difference. Now I use on other parts of my body as well!!”
  • “I have FMS/CFIDS/CMP and I use this (Now-Foods-MSM-Liposome-Lotion) for FMS muscle pain and nerve pain. I get hot, burning pain in my legs and feet and this cools and stops that pain. My family also uses this for arthritis and other conditions. Make sure you use only MSM liposome lotions as non-liposomes don’t work”.
  • “This lotion completely surprised me. My skin looks younger, more clear, more firm, less discoloration”.
  • “For thirty years I’ve been looking for the fountain of youth- well- this is it in many ways. It really does smooth out the skin. The skin under my arms had become crepey- well, its not now! I use all over my body- and my face. I also rub it into my feet, which had been in pain- now they’re not. The skin on my legs and chest is no longer dry and scaley- its the skin I had fifteen years ago. Its rare that something actually exceeds its reputation- this has for me”.
  • “For those who don’t do well with oral MSM, this is an alternative route for getting MSM into your body, while bypassing your digestive organs”.
  • “Months of NSAIDS did nothing, but MSM lotion started working within days. I then started taking the pills too, and the tendinitis got worse for a day before going away completely. Maybe it was all the accumulated toxins finally being flushed away”.
  • “I had a problem with a red itchy rash on my ankles and about half way up to the shin area. I could not sleep as the burning and itching was horrible! I tried hydrocortisone, anti-fungal and many other anti itch creams. I bought this lotion originally for muscle pain but decided to give it a try and low and behold it worked! It immediately calmed it down and I have been able to sleep all night every night since.”
  • “Softens my skin and the MSM feel great for skin muscles and joints. I also use this on my face after shaving and it is an exceptional skin conditioner.”
  • “I rub Now Foods, Now-Foods-MSM-Liposome-Lotion on my legs with arthritis. I use it in conjunction with Source Naturals, MSM Powder, which I drink in plain water. It really makes the pain go away. I rub it on my legs at night, and I can work all the next day with no pain.”
  • “I’ve had minor neck/headaches and rubbed this onto my neck. It helped alleviate the pain. I also have plantar fasciitis on the bottom of my feet. At bedtime I use this as a buffer for DMSO and get really fast overnight relief from foot pain. I have also slathered it on my forearms where I have sun damage. It smoothed out the rough skin and took the dry, itchiness away. I’ve put it on my face and it helped with my rosacea symptoms”.
  • “If you have muscle pain or fibromyalgia, this is something to use daily over the painful spots. It helps me to move more fluidly. I take MSM internally as well”.
  • “Very nice for the skin. MSM is recommended for skin elasticity”.
  • “This is my favorite all around lotion. I use it daily for my face, neck and chest. After I’d been using it for about a week my boyfriend told me I looked like I was “all glowy”. It has noticeably evened out my skin tone and helped to repair sun damage on my chest. I’m very paranoid about developing what I refer to as “wrinkley old lady chest”.
  • “It make my skin not only to feel smooth and younger all over the body, it looks smooth and younger too”.
  • “Surprised how effective it is on husband’s tennis elbow – he’s got a very, very low pain threshold”.
  • I use this to make up my own DMAE cream. Mix 4oz of MSM cream with 4 capsules of DMAE ( open the capsules and mix the contents with the cream). This cream is great for the skin but even better with the addition of DMAE”.
  • “I am using MSM in powder form for my hair, skin, nails and brain function”.

Find all of the products mentioned on this page at, where I personally buy all my supplements because of their low prices. They also have amazing selection.

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