Avoid soybean oil in health supplements“Contains soybean oil”. Consumer beware.

Watch for this on the labels of your health supplements, including garlic oil pills, vitamin E capsules (Now Foods brand) and other antioxidants, and avoid using supplements that contain soybean oil – look for alternate brands.

Soybean oil is a cheap oil. It is very likely made from GM soy, as most of the world’s supply of soy is GM. An otherwise good and healthy supplements essential gets “ruined” when soybean oil is added to it.

Its crazy that some supplement manufacturers add something so bad to antioxidants and other supplements. Soy contains high levels of phytic acid which block your body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins from the foods you eat. This causes you to actually become malnourished. The soy plant itself is actually toxic to humans. Soybean oil contains a poisonous chemical called PHG; this chemical slows your blood circulation, causes your blood to clot, damages the central nervous system, interferes with digestion and can cause memory loss.  99 % of soy grown in US is GMO. So when you are trying to take care yourself, and you purchase a health supplement  containing soybean oil, you are actually paying for a poisonous GMO substance.

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