Natural Astaxanthin is a super-powerful antioxidant that can:

• support skin structure during sun exposure
• support healthy immune function
• support increased energy levels
• support joint health
• support a healthy cardiovascular system

And read how it also prevents dementia and other degenerative diseases.

NOTE:  For optimal absorption, make sure to take krill oil and/or astaxanthin with a fat-containing meal, since both are fat-soluble.

Studies showed anti-aging benefits  in skin hydration and elasticity (skin was more supple, fine lines, disappeared, firming skin) in 4 weeks.

May improve eyesight.

Very good to protect skin from the sun and prevent sun burn. Use every day in the summer.  Has also been reported to provide skin tone-evening benefits to people with hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Perricone says it has the following benefits:

      Offers protection to the brain, central nervous system, and eyes increases physical endurance and reduces muscle damage reduces eye fatigue and improves visual acuity provides wrinkle reduction by internal supplementation reduces hyperpigmentation (this one excites me) provides cytokine regulation; inhibiting the expression of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines improves gastric health and reduces infection/inflammation of H. pylori, spiral-shaped bacteria that can damage stomach and duodenal tissue, causing ulcers


When it comes to free  radical scavenging, astaxanthin can be as much as…


  • 65 times more  powerful than vitamin C*
  • 54 times stronger  than beta-carotene*


Plus,  astaxanthin has been shown to be more effective than other carotenoids and  other nutrients at “singlet oxygen quenching by being up to…


  • 800 times stronger  than CoQ10*
  • 6000 times  greater than vitamin C*
  • 550 times  more powerful than green tea catechins*
  • 11 times  stronger than beta-carotene*


Astaxanthin was even found to be as  much as 2.75 stronger than lutein with regard to singlet oxygen quenching.

The above  comparisons have been made against some incredible nutrients in their own  right. Yet, astaxanthin blows them away when it comes down to effective free  radical scavenging and singlet oxygen quenching.*


Its able to cross the  blood-brain barrier (beta-carotene and some others don’t do this)…*

  • Protects your brain and  nervous system from oxidative stress*

Always make sure to buy only Hawaiin Astaxanthin – the best brand according to my research is BioAstin.

  • Due to the fact  astaxanthin is best absorbed when taken with a “fatty” meal (lipid-soluble), look  for a formula that contains some sort of oil or fatty acid that will help  maximize your absorption. Without this additional ingredient, your  absorption could be less than optimal.
  • Don’t  just settle for what’s necessarily on the label of the bottle. Dig deeper into finding out more info on how  the manufacturer guarantees stability and efficacy of the formula.
  • Due to new research,  most recommendations for daily dosages of astaxanthin can now range from 4-8mg.  So, look for at least a 4mg minimum serving size so you won’t have to  take as many capsules


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