Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence. I wrote about the many benefits of Astaxanthin in another post, including the fact that Astaxanthin supplements act a a natural sunscreen from the inside of your body, preventing sun burn, and can also help to reverse melasma (read the post, there’s a lot more Astaxanthin can do for you). It can intercept potentially damaging molecules before they can damage your cells. Its  hundreds of times more effective than vitamin E in squelching singlet oxygen free radicals, and far exceeds the free radical scavenging power of vitamin C, CoQ10, beta-carotene, and green tea. According to a recent article in the Alternative Medicine Review3:

And now I have come across research that shows Astaxanthin prevents dementia and other degenerative diseases. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. My wonderful mother was struck very suddenly by a rapidly progressing dementia 3 years ago. She went from an active and very youthful senior, enjoying her life to the fullest, a real social butterfly… to being reduced to a toddler in a very short span of time. Her doctor remains baffled as to exactly what the cause of her dementia is, since the way it has manifested and its characteristics are not typical.  I am her primary caregiver. I’ve busted my butt to ensure she stays at home, with 24 hour care, and out of a nursing home, which was among her greatest fears. We’ve both lived through a nightmare in this thing. Dementia is not anything I would wish on my worst enemy. Trust me. You never want to go through this, you never want someone you care about to go through it.

So in addition to all the other benefits of taking Astaxanthin as a antioxidant, here’s yet another reason – scientists have found that Astaxanthin may prevent dementia.

“Astaxanthin improved cognition in a small clinical trial and boosted proliferation and differentiation of cultured nerve stem cells… Astaxanthin’s clinical success extends beyond protection against oxidative stress and inflammation, to demonstrable promise for slowing age-related functional decline.”

As a fat-soluble nutrient, astaxanthin readily crosses your blood-brain barrier. One study2 found it may help prevent neurodegeneration associated with oxidative stress, as well as make a potent natural “brain food.”

You can get some astaxanthin by taking krill oil, which is a fantastic omega-3 fat supplement containing astaxanthin. But you should definitely add a pure astaxanthin supplement to your nutritional regimen.

For optimal absorption, make sure to take krill oil and/or astaxanthin with a fat-containing meal, since both are fat-soluble.  –Source: Dr Mercola

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