started as my own personal research library, where I would record much of the extensive research I do into health, wellness, weight loss, anti-aging and nutritional supplements, both for personal purposes and in my capacity as a Holistic Wellness Consultant.

As this site has grown, I realized its developed into a treasure trove of really helpful information that would benefit others, so I’m delighted that you’ve found your way here, and if the information you find here helps you, enlightens you, or inspires you, that’s truly fabulous.

My interest in natural healing approaches began years ago, when I was suffering from a medical condition in my early twenties that doctors were unable to successfully diagnose or treat. And the drugs they suggested putting me on in their attempts to help came with serious, life-lasting side effects that were so severe, the doctors themselves told me they didn’t blame me if I rejected the treatment, since they really didn’t know if it would help anyway. And that was all they were able to offer me, so my debilitating symptoms continued.

Feeling somewhat helpless and abandoned by the medical community, I spent endless hours doing my own research, and learned far more than I ever really cared to know about how our bodies work, and sometimes don’t work s they should.

In the end, it was through this research and the natural and herbal approaches I implemented, that gave me my health and my life back.

Subsequently, through continued research, I’ve helped family members find improvement in serious conditions that once again, doctors were unable to treat successfully, ranging from serious intestinal issues to adrenal fatigue, dementia and ligament disorders.

I have always consulted with our doctors to advise them of the herbal supplements my family and I are taking, and based on the visible improvements we’ve achieved in conditions that the doctors were unable to help with, the response is usually, “Keep doing what you’re doing”.

As a wellness writer and researcher, I encourage anyone who isn’t getting the results they need from the medical community to consider a natural approach to healing the conditions that ail them. This isn’t to say stop going to your doctor – not in the least. Most definitely seek medical attention for any health condition that ails you. But take a proactive approach and be your own advocate. Do your research and let your doctor know you want to consider¬† natural approaches using herbs and nature’s medicine to see what benefits it will offer.

Although its happening slowly, more and more doctors are becoming more progressive in their thinking about integrating natural approaches into their patients treatment plans now because patients are becoming more informed and more pro-active about their own health and wellness.

Mother nature has given us many tools to help heal our bodies in the way of herbs, vitamins and minerals. Its so exciting to see the improvements we can often achieve when we responsibly incorporate nature’s medicine into our wellness regime, along with appropriate medical expertise.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find the information here to be of benefit to you.

Be well.

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