Veggie chipsVeggie Chips - Weight Loss Enemy!

A lot of people buy veggie chips instead of potato chips, thinking their healthier and lower fat. Well here’s a surprise. You can actually gain weight eating veggie chips (store bought ones). They’re really no better than potato chips from a nutritional value perspective, and from a weight loss perspective.

Most are coated heavy in oil and salt and have been stripped of the majority of their nutritional value throughout the cooking process.  Check the nutritional values on the bag – you might be very surprised:  One serving of veggie chips is almost nutritionally equivalent to potato chips—you get the same amount of calories and sodium with maybe only 1 or 2 fewer grams of fat.

So if you want your veggies, you best eat the real thing, because veggie chips are really just another form of junk food disguised to sound healthy. If it’s potato chips you’re really craving, you might as well have your favorite flavor and brand, because these are simply no better.

But a better choice is to just eliminate this kind of stuff from your diet all together (because there is absolutely nothing good in them for you) and eat clean.

veggie-chips-300x198Alternatively, you can make your own veggie chips – just go light on the oil, and use coconut oil or MCT oil which is super-healthy and actually helps improve the body’s metabolize to burn more fat. And go very light on the salt, or skip it all together. If using salt, only use Sea Salt – its much better for the body and can actually help your adrenal glands if they are over stressed. Everyone should replace their table salt with sea salt (and at that, it should still be used sparingly because all salt causes you to retain water, and that causes weight gain, or at a minimum, prevents weight loss).

Here are some yummy, healthy low fat or no fat veggie chip recipes you can make at home, and keep all the nutrition in the veggies where it belongs.  Plus, this is clean eating – its just pure, real food, with no additives, artificial colors or preservative (all of which are very dangerous to your healthy) like the stuff you buy in the store:  Make at Home Veggie Chips Recipes and More  Homemade Veggie Chips.


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