fenugreek-for-bigger-breastsI’ve been taking fenugreek for a month or two because I experienced some really positive effects in terms of hormonal balance when I took it 2 years ago.  I have also used hops to get great hormonal balancing effects (some people use hops to increase breast size, but for me fenugreek worked better for that; hops helped me get healthier hair).

However, in the last few days I’m starting to wonder if the fenugreek is having some different effects on me this time around – including some weight gain, which in my case is unwanted.

My breasts are definitely plumped, which makes me very happy.  They are firmer, probably bigger, perkier – and I definitely like them more. (The brand of fenugreek I used to get great results in terms of larger, firmer, sexier breasts was ” Nature’s Way”.  I buy all my supplements at iHerb.com to get the best prices and selection (and shipping is super-cheap!).

Fenugreek DOES increase breast size – I say this from personal experience. So that part is awesome. Here is an explanation of how fenugreek works for breast enhancement.  Also, if you’re interested in other supplements for bigger breasts, read this post.

HOWEVER, it may just be coincidence, but for the last couple months I’ve had rougher PMS – much more like I used to experience in my 20s and early 30s, before things kind of leveled out and periods and PMS became much more palatable.  Numerous days of abdominal discomfort leading up to my period, more cramping during the period. Last month I also had a considerably shorter cycle – 20 days. Mind you I was also taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules – which for most people has beneficial effects, but my body sometimes reacts in a rather contrarian or unexpected manner.  And, I’m also taking Hops. (I take these three herbs together because they do amazing things for my hair – my normally fine, limp hair becomes much fuller and more manageable when I take these three herbs together).

But my issue is, over the last month or so, I’m up by 10 pounds and I can not shed it. I’m doing the right things for watching my weight, things that would have previously allowed me to come back down, and its not happening. It doesn’t make sense.

So I started looking at all the things I’m doing that my have influence on weight.  Obviously, fenugreek affects hormone levels (that’s why it makes my breasts look and feel amazing when I take it) and clearly, since it increases breast size, its increasing estrogen. That’s well documented.

Well, unfortunately for me, an increase in estrogen can cause weight gain in some women.  As luck would have it, of course.  With a little research I discovered that fenugreek can indeed cause weight gain in some people due to its effect on estrogen.

There go my bigger, perkier, firmer, fuller boobs 🙁   I’m going to have to try cutting out the breast lifting herbs, including fenugreek, to see if I can get my weight back down. My breasts weren’t small to begin with, so if its a toss up between the breast enhancements or losing weight, I’m going for the weight loss. I really just loved the way the fenugreek lifted them, firmed them up, and plumped them. Which it did very nicely. But I won’t accept a weight gain to go along with that since I’m already over my ideal weight by more than I would like, and trying to lose.

If you actually WANT to gain weight, fenugreek could be a good supplement for you to try.  Check out the selection at iHerb.com.

I am actually quite surprised about this weight gain effect, because I took a combination of fenugreek along with with hops and saw palmetto 2 years ago, and got amazing benefits to my hair, nicely firmed and plumped up breasts, AND I lost weight easily while on these herbs at that time.  So it makes the point that our bodies are always in a state of change, and we can respond differently to health supplements at different times.

Fenugreek does not cause weight gain in every woman (as I said, 2 years ago, I myself did not experience this downside).  I know of a lot of other women who take fenugreek for the breast enhancing effects or other benefits (it actually has many health benefits), and it has no impact on their weight. If you actually want to gain body weight, fenugreek might be helpful. The hormonal status of every woman is different. I gain weight extremely easily, but you may not experience this effect at all. If you want to increase your breast size, its definitely helpful, as I can personally attest (I was thrilled with the results). In my case, I couldn’t afford the additional pounds I gained while on it, so it was a deal breaker. I would suggest that whether you are interested in fenugreek for gaining weight, or for increasing breast size, give fenugreek a try for a month or so and see what effects it has on you. Everyone’s body is different, and our bodies all react a little differently. What works one way for one individual may work slightly different for another. Much will have to do with your underlying hormonal status, which again, tends to be different for everyone. The best approach is to simply try it. (Fenugreek is cheap – I get it at iHerb.com where the prices are low and extremely competitive. So it doesn’t cost much to try and see how it works for you.  If its giving you the results you want, stay with it. If not, discontinue.

If you gain a little weight which is unwanted in the process of also gaining larger breasts, simply discontinuing the fenungreek should cause your weight to normalize again. But, unfortunately, you’ll also lose the additional size and fullness the fenugreek added to your bust line.

UPDATE -April 9, 2015

I did a bit of research and came across a posting on a natural breast enhancement forum by a woman using fenugreek specifically to increase her bust size. She noted that her periods were getting a little strange (spotting in between or before periods) and she was having more cramping. It sounds similar to what I’m experiencing in terms of the cramping.

In my case, with regards to periods, last month it came quite early, this month came at the right time but lots of cramps and an unusually light flow. Another poster on the forum also noted similar disruptions.

Meanwhile, the large majority of women on that forum using fenugreek for breast enlargement (and there are MANY, and they’re getting  very pleasing results just as I have), had not experienced anything of this nature. Just really positive results, or for some, no results (effectiveness depends on a woman’s precise hormonal status to begin with).

So it appears that the bottom line is that fenugreek may cause menstrual cycle disruptions and increased PMS to varying degrees in some women, but it seems to be the exception rather than the norm. It’s an interesting twist  because fenugreek is also used by many women quite effectively to help reduce PMS symptoms and regulate the menstrual cycle.

Just like anything involving the hormones, many of us will react differently, because it all depends on what our hormonal status is to begin with. So ultimately a common sense approach is needed – if it’s not working for you or seems to be creating a disruption rather than an improvement, stop using it.

It’s very disappointing for me to have to stop, because the improvements fenugreek made to my bustline were very noticeable and I loved the effects. I don’t want to give up these “perks” (pun intended!), but obviously its causing some other hormonal alterations which are not ideal, and that’s a good indicator to cease the supplement. Perhaps I will try again in a few months, considering that I was able to use it in the past (2 years ago) with no issues. Our hormonal states fluctuate over time.

On a side note, I will add, that I am a little dismayed by Dr. Andrew Weil who wrote on his blog that the idea of using fenugreek to increase breast size is mere folklore. I am merely one of thousands of women (you will find them on forums across the internet) who can personally attest other wise. In many cases the men in our lives, who know nothing of the fact that fenugreek increases bust size, or that we are taking it, are clearly taking notice of our improvements as well, so this is definitely no placebo, nor is it folklore.  Fenugreek DOES work for increasing bust size, Dr Weil.  It’s a well known phytoestrogen, so you should understand how that works, given your background.

And along those lines, it may cause other hormonal disruptions as I have experienced, so use wisely and stop if unwelcome hormonal symptoms occur. Conversely, it may have a hormonal balancing effect as other women have noted, and it is well known for its hormone balancing effects. As with anything, use with common sense. If it is providing benefit, continue. If it is resulting in side effects, stop.

Update:  After stopping the combination of all three herbs, (not just the fenugreek), the unwanted weight gain melted off quite easily. Its now more than a year later, and I’m getting ready to start taking fenugreek again – I miss those plump firm boobs that made me feel so sexy!  Since I’ve used fenugreek with no unwanted side effects before, I intend to try it again soon to see how I my body reacts. If there is no weight gain, I’ll stay on it, and if I start gaining pounds I’ll stop. With any luck this time, maybe I’ll lose weight on it as I did a few years back.

I personally buy all my natural supplements at iHerb.com because they have the best prices you will find anywhere, and amazing selection. Do your own price comparisons and you’ll see! I’ve ordered all my supplements there for nearly 10 years – long before I had this blog.

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