You may have heard that its possible to enlarge your breasts naturally by taking certain herbs in the form of nutritional supplements, but is it true or merely a myth? I can tell you from personal experience that it’s no myth – certain herbs CAN indeed increase breast size.  I share all the details on that in a moment. But if you look at the image above, its a very good visual representation of what I experienced when taking the herb Fenugreek.
Before I personally experienced this for myself, I had doubts.  I actually put off trying this for years because I simply did not believe it.  But I found out quite by accident that certain herbs really do work to make your breasts fuller, plumper, rounder, bigger.
I actually came to this realization when I started taking certain herbs for improving the quality of my hair.  I got quite a surprise when, in addition to making my hair fuller and more manageable, I felt and looked like I had a whole new (and definitely improved!) bustline.  Since I was taking several different herbs at the time, it took some time before I determined which one was having the most profound effect on my bustline – I was eventually able to determine that it was Fenugreek. There are others herbs for increasing bust size that you can use as well, I’ll talk more about them in a moment, but Fenugreek was what really had profound results for me. Within a week of taking fenugreek, my breasts were noticeably fuller, firmer, larger, and they felt and looked “lifted” as well.  Bottom line is, they looked and felt fantastic. I could literally feel the difference. My chest literally felt different – in a very good way.
Why would certain herbs have any effect of breast size? There are several herbs which have the effect of increasing estrogen production within a woman’s body, and this in turn has the very real effect of causing natural breast enlargement. These estrogen producing herbs also help firm up the breasts and add fullness to the breasts, which can be very beneficial to sagging breasts or breasts that have lost some firmness.  In my case, I experienced both increased fullness as well as a lifting effect on my breasts. Needless to say, I was very pleased.

Let’s understand the science of this.  A woman’s body naturally produces estrogen during puberty, and this is what  is responsible for building-up breast tissue and causing breast development.  It is estrogen that gives the breasts their shape, size and fullness.

In some women, estrogen levels may be low during puberty, and as a result the breasts are smaller and less developed breasts. There are several possible reasons for lower levels of estrogen during puberty. They includesub-optimal levels of minerals and vitamins, poor diet, lack of exercise or too much of it, and anxiety or stress in high levels (which, in turn, has an impact on the adrenal glands, which affects estrogen and other hormones). In addition, some people are born with an underlying adrenal gland disorder (which they may not be aware of), or develop one early in life, and this will create a hormonal imbalance which can effect the levels of estrogen being produced in the body. There are other hormonal imbalances as well which can affect the amount of estrogen being produced. Due to these factors, breasts may not fully develop in puberty. Herbs that increase estrogen in the body can actually increase the size and fullness of breasts even decades after a woman has gone through puberty.

Even when a woman’s breasts do full develop, later in life breasts may lose their  firmness, sag, and have more of a mushy feel to the touch. This can happen due to changes in the cell structures due to loss or gain of weight, pregnancy and breast feeding, and/or the effects of aging.  Again, herbs that increase estrogen can improve this situation.

Herbal Supplements for Larger Breasts

Certain herbal supplements such as Dong Quai, Fennel, Maca, Hops, Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek will help balance estrogen production in the body and improve the firmness of the breasts and their contour, and will stimulate new tissue growth in that area, resulting in bigger breasts. The hormone balancing effect of these herbs will reactivate the system in the mammary glands helping it to produce new tissue that will enlarge the bust. The beneficial effects begin to appear quickly after only 30 days of use, sometimes sooner.  Some women report noticeable effects in under two weeks, some within literally just a few days (as was my personal experience when using Fenugreek, 6 capsules a day, divided over 2 or 3 doses).

For me it was saw palmetto and fenugreek that I happened to be using to improve the health of my hair, when it became obvious that my breasts were undergoing a very welcome transformation.  I was later able to determine that, in my case, the fenugreek in particular works like magic for improving my bust line.  The hormonal status of every  woman’s body is different, so if you try a particular herb and don’t get results, move on to the next herb and try another one.  Most of the herbs are very inexpensive for a one month’s supply, so its not going to cost a lot to try a few to see what works – especially if you buy online at, which is where I get all of my nutritional supplements because they really do have the best prices and selection on thousands of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and herbs. You don’t need to buy an expensive blend that is specifically being marketed to breast enlargement. These inexpensive herbs on their own give results.

Many women report that Maca also gives them a rounder fuller, sexier butt too – read about that in these posts: Maca for a Sexier Butt and  Maca For Libido, Stress, Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance, Sexy Curves).

I can personally attest that the breast enlarging effects of estrogen producing herbs is no urban legend or old wive’s tale. I loved the firming, lifting, and fullness I experienced taking fenugreek. However, while many women find that their PMS symptoms improve on fenugreek (and fenugreek is often prescribed for PMS), I ultimately had to stop taking it because it seemed to be having the opposite effect for me. You can read more about that in this post: Fenugreek, Bigger Breasts, Estrogen and Weight Gain?

This is hugely disappointing for me because I loved what fenugreek did for my bust line. And unfortunately, once I stopped taking it, my breasts lost that extra plumpness, roundness, and firmness that they got from the fenugreek  – they went back to looking exactly as they did before.  Some women have said that after they stayed on whatever herbal supplement they were using for about a year, they were able to stop the supplement and their breasts maintained the increase in size and fullness. Other women have said that they need to keep taking the herbs to maintain the benefit.  Again, each person’s hormonal status is different, so it makes sense that women may experience these things differently.

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