Maca is being recommended for women who want a rounder, sexier butt. By sexier we’re talking, fuller, bigger, more shapely. Maca is not a hormone or a chemical, rather it is a natural herb (its the root of the maca plant, ground up and available as capsules or powder which you can mix into juice) and is completely safe to use. People who have seizures, however, should not use maca.

Women, in most cases, who use maca for butt enhancement get definite results. One women noted that her butt was getting fuller and rounder when she started using maca for an entirely unrelated purpose. She admitted, however, that her husband loved her larger butt, and it made her marriage better.

Maca in any form will increase buttock size in most women because it is an adaptogen. Adaptogens make your hormones work better because they help the adrenal glands work more effectively (and the adrenal glands are directly and indirectly involved in the production of many important hormones). Hormone issues and hormone imbalances can contribute to having small buttocks.

Maca makes your hormones work much more effectively, especially if you have good liver function. (If you want to help ensure your liver is functioning well, you can drink dandelion tea as a liver detox (it’ll help you lose excess weight too; sounds like a fabulous combination, huh? A rounder butt and a trimmer figure). Dandelion tea is also effective as a kidney and gallbladder detox to improve the functioning of those organs as well. Its a good idea to do a periodic detox a couple times a year just to help keep these important organs in optimal working order).

But I digress….

You should get amazing results if you take it a step further and are use maca in combination with the right types of booty exercises. The right butt enhancement exercises includes squats, dead lifts (a dead lift is holding a weight of at least 10 pounds right in front of you against your body while you are doing squats) as long as you don’t do dead lifts daily, stair-stepping (can easily be done in your home if you have steps inside or outside your house or apartment), lunges and body bridges (do a search on body bridge to see how this is done).

You should start noticing a more shapely butt emerging within just a few weeks when supplementing with Maca, even if you do no exercise to help it along. But the exercise will really take you butt to the next level.  (Just depends on how hot you want to be!). You’ll have to continue taking the maca and doing your workouts for a while to get the maximum benefit, but it will definitely work, especially if you eat enough protein daily and lots of fresh veggies, and the more committed you are to the program, the sexier that butt will get. (Cooked vegetables are fine too as long as you don’t neglect to have your fresh veggies). Add a protein shake (whey powder is the best type of protein powder according to many health enthusiasts and personal trainers), or nuts or seeds (these are natural proteins) – in moderation since nuts have a high fat content – to your daily diet.

Maca is just a root vegetable that naturally contains compounds which make your hormones work better. Maca is not a hormone; it is an adaptogen so it affects your hormones. Women using maca for booty enlargement have begun seeing positive changes within as little as 4 or 5 days if they use larger amounts of maca.

Most women have growth of at least 2 inches or better even if they had totally flat buttocks at the start. Depending upon how large a woman wants her booty to be, it can take just a few weeks to several months to get the results you are looking for. Booty exercises make the new larger booty look even better. I’ve seen plenty of pictures on forums posted by real women who have used maca for  butt enlargement /enhancement, so there is no doubt maca absolutely works, almost like magic, for developing a fuller, sexier butt.

I’ve not used Maca personally to enhance the butt, but I have used fenugreek, another herb which works to enhance breast size and fullness (also makes large breasts firmer), and I can tell you for certain, based on my own personal experience, that works! And it can work mighty fast, as it did for me! We’re talking noticeable difference within days. But every one’s body is different, so the time it takes to notice results will vary from one woman to another.

The initial side effects that some women have from maca are temporary stomach aches, gas and/or irritability. Some women have more vivid dreams when they start using maca. After using maca root for 8 weeks, maca should be taken less frequently or in smaller dosages or discontinued for just a week or two and then resuming normal use. Other women don’t like the taste, but it comes as a powder or can be bought in capsules. Women who use the maca root powder will put it in drinks, shakes, food and some even buy cookies with maca root powder baked right in. Usually the taste is not an issue if you use maca capsules. Some people like the taste of maca root (it is slightly sweet).


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