In women, hops may increase breast size, thicken hair (and overall improve hair quality and manageability), slow hirsuitism (unwanted facial hair in women), and contribute to weight loss or at least weight management.

Hops may also have an aphrodisiac effect and increase the libido in women.

It has these effects because it naturally balances hormones in women.

However, its important to note that in men, it has the opposite effect as far as libido is concerned- its reduces male sex drive, so keep that in mind before you decide to give your man some hops to help him shed a few pounds!

I have personally used hops for its hormonal balancing effect – primarily I was hoping it would improve the health of my hair which had been damaged by thyroid problems. And adrenal gland imbalances caused me to have hirsuitism (unwanted facial hair) which I hoped the hops would help with as well.   I did notice an improvement in both of these areas when taking the hops – especially an improvement in the health and quality of my hair. See

However, I saw no noticeable difference in my breasts while on the hops, but I DID see a very noticeable difference each time I took fenugreek. So if you are looking to naturally increase breast size or improve the appearance of your breasts (add firmness and fullness, lift them and prevent them from sagging, etc), I can personally attest that fenugreek was able to do this for me, but you should read the entire post on using fenugreek to increase breast size to get the full story.



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