Two years ago this coming June I accidentally stumbled upon a combination of herbs that gave me great, amazing hair. My best hair EVER.  (This combination also gave me healthy energy, increased sex drive and lubrication, helped me lose weight and is purported to reduce unwanted hair growth in women and increase breast size in women – however, I have also read that saw palmetto in particular can cause weight gain in women along with increasing bust size, so something to watch for, although I definitely was slimming down and looking fabulous at the time I was using it).

I’d been researching what I could do to stop the growth of those pesky little hairs on my chin, caused by the adrenal insufficiency that has plagued me my whole adult life and possibly before.

I came up with the approach of taking Hops, Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto capsules.

I didn’t really notice any effect on getting rid of chin hairs. But after a few weeks, I was struck by how amazing my hair was looking and how EASY it had become to manage, style and work with; This was BIG because I have had diffiucult hair my entire adult life. I mean DIFFICULT!  But suddenly, every day was a GREAT hair day. I was getting so many compliments, but moreover, I felt good about the way my hair looked when I looked in the mirror and was threilled with how easy it was to style and it would just fall into place practically on its own.  And this was sustained. All that summer, and into the fall it looked amazing, amazing, amazing.

So it wasn’t long before I made the connection. I had to seriously wonder if these three herbs were doing it, beccuase there was a very clear correlation – unless it was purely coincidence. But my hair had never jus ton its own started being amazing at any time before in my life, so why would that happen now??

The proof came later int he fall. I had run out of all three herbs and just stopped taking them. WIthin a week, my hair had returned to being miserable. Every thing had changed. And thats when I new.

On top of that, at the same time, all the fantastic energy I had all summer had fallen off, and I was feeling fatigued and slugglish (adrenal insufficiency-type symptoms). I wouldnt help draw the correlation to there as well, and it made sense. All three herbs work on the endocrine system  and on the adrenal/pituitary axis. Low energy, unhealthy and thin hair are symtpoms of adrenal insufficiency. Take herbs that help one symptom, and it makes obvious sense that they will help the other symptoms.

And on top of it all, I very clearly noticed 2 other things correlating to the time I started and stayed on this combo of three herbs – weight loss came easy, really easy! (However i was on a new eating program and I primarily attributed it to that, but I’m on that eating program again now, without the herbs, and its not working as well, so it makes me wonder about the effect those herbs were having on weight loss, also something affected by adrenal insufficiency, more than ever now…  I will soon be testing that theory again).  But in addition to THAT, I also noticed that my sex drive was very, very healthy once I started that herb combination, AND there was a very healthy level of lubrication as well.  Each of these herbs, again, balances the endocrine system, which regulates sex drive, so no small surprise. And, if you were to specifically search for an herb to enhance female lubrication, guess what you would find? Saw Palmetto (I did not know this at the time when I noticed this occurring). Almost like magic. This is why I love herbal supplements!

Here’s what I take:

Natures Way Hops – 620 mg

Natures Way Fenugreek – 610 mg

Saw Palmetto – Not sure which brand I took originally, may have been Now Foods – will look it up. Recently I found a gel cap I really like by a little known brand I found at the pharmacy -can’t remember the name, will look that up too.

I buy all my supplements at to get the best prices and selection (and shipping is super-cheap!).


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