Wraps - Weight Loss ENEMYFor those cutting carbs, or for those who tend to bulk up from eating a little bread, wraps seem like a healthy, weight-loss compliant option – the perfect sandwich solution, right?  That’s what I was thinking—until I read the label. Wowza.

Check out the calorie count. Your probably getting way more calories from that wrap than you would have from a couple of pieces of bread. And check out the fat content – typically way more fat than you’d get from bread.

Not saying that you should just go ahead and eat bread. Simply saying that if you know you need to cut carbs, eating a wrap isn’t the solution. They may seem all light and healthy, but they may do you more harm then bread itself.

wrapsMoreover, if you’re using a large wrap (12″), you’re probably filling it with way more food than you should be for a proper sized portion, so you’re inadvertently overeating. A 12 inch wrap makes it east to  stuff with more ingredients than you would put in a an ordinary sandwich.

Even spinach, tomato, and whole-wheat wraps typically contain a lot of fat. The veggie wraps in some cases don’t actually contain vegetables, or contain just trace amounts.  And whole wheat wraps often also contain plenty of white flour (which you should probably be completely steering clear of) as well if you read the label.

Who knew? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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