Ear Wax Driving You Nuts? This Unbelievably Simple and Inexpensive Remedy Will Put a Stop to It.

UPDATE: March 22, 2015 — Since I originally made this post on Jan 3, 2015, I have had no further problems with my chronic ear issues.  This is AMAZING because from June of last year through to that post in January I was continuously plagued by chronic ear problems. I spent more time not being able to hear out of generally my left ear, having a sense of fluid and pressure, than I spent feeling fine.

The remedy/ solution was actually SO simple – Baby Oil.

I’ve tried so many things. Doctors were useless, expensive drugstore products – useless. Bought herbal ear drops (2 types) for $5 – $10 – also useless.  The answer was sitting right there in my bathroom cabinet all along, little did I know – baby oil.

Basically I stumbled upon this remedy back when I orginally posted the info below, only sort of by a byproduct.  When I was reading Amazon reviews about the Ear Elephant, and becoming convinced that was the solution to my ongoing products, I read several times in the comments that doctors where telling their patients to put baby oil in their ears for several days prior to having an irrigation done (some of the docs apparently use the ear elephant for irrigation) because it very effectively softens the wax.

At the time when I read this I had a serious clogged ear, pressure, feeling of fullness – very irritating and hearing was significantly diminished, so I figured I would try it. I used a dropper to put warmed baby oil in my ear while lying on my side, used several drops, but not as much as the commentors stated as I didn’t want to  risk making it worse.  However, within a short time, the little amount I put into my ear managed to penetrate the wax and break up the clog. I have not had a problem since – which is a mircale, because I was literally walking around unable to hear out of my left each for weeks at a time, with only a small reprieve between bouts, since June.

Now what I do is regularly (daily or almost daily), dip a cotton swap in baby oil and gently dab in my ear. Dont need to use a dropper because only a very minimal amount is needed since I do this daily. It also helps prevent my ears from getting dry and itchy – very important also for me in avoiding problems.  It has been a miracle, and so simple. I am grateful to God to leading me to this solution.

I know baby oil is  a petroleum product, and I’d prefer not to be using on my body (bad enough I have to use mentholateum in my nose every day, also petroleum), but Its either this or suffer as I had been with the ear problems and potentially risk losing hearing as a result (permanently), so I am grateful for the baby oil. No ear irrigation needed!  Just baby oil.


Ear Elephant or Ear Rhino by Doctor Easy

Ear Rhino is supposed to be the better of the two

Amazon reviews are very informative but buy here since on Amazon its not available in Canada. The shipping on this site isn’t bad either : http://www.hightidehealth.com/





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