According to Herbalist James Green Valerian is sedative and antispasmodic. “Valerian has a warming, stimulating effect on the body. Therefore, it was recommended for people having poor blood circulation in general, but particularly in the brain and the nervous centers. Valerian was often used for anxiety, despondency, and nervousness in individuals whose face and skin looked pale and lifeless and whose skin and body felt cool.  Besides its relaxing effects, Valerian is also antispasmodic. In the gastrointestinal tract, it is a great intestinal relaxant. It has also given relief to individuals experiencing shakes and other physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.  Use with Rosemary and/or Schisandra for cerebral anemia, for which symptoms include a pale face, slow, monotone language, and despondent, gloomy depression that causes insomnia. It is a particularly useful remedy when there is intestinal tension leading to gas, cramps, constipation, or conditions related to irritable bowel syndrome. “

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