Nattokinase helps serrapeptase work better.Nattokinase is a natural health supplement that can do wonders for many health conditions – it’s actually an enzyme found in soybeans. If you or anyone you care about has cardiovascular issues, circulation problems, high blood pressure or is at risk for heart attack or stroke, this is a supplement you should definitely  know about. But its also good for many other conditions as well.  Nattokinase is also  *very beneficial if you are taking Serrapeptase because it increases the effectiveness of Serrapeptase*.

Nattokinase or “Natto” as it is sometimes called, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, prevents and dissolves blood clots, reduces inflammation, and prevents heart attacks and strokes from blood clots.  Nattokinase is often used along side Serrapeptase,  another natural enzyme with similar heath benefits. If you are interested in Nattokinase, you’ll probably want to learn a little more about Serrapeptase as well. You can definitely use one without the other and derive health benefits. However, the two work synergistically together, meaning, when you combine the two, one significantly enhances the benefits of the other. Together there work as a powerful team. Learn more about Serrapeptase.

I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of Nattokinase through the real world experiences of other people who use it by reading the reviews on various Natto supplements at Serrapeptase where I buy all my supplements (they truly have the best prices you’ll find anywhere, and excellent selection.  I find you can learn so much about what a supplement really does for users by reading reviews, as opposed to marketing hype put out by manufacturers, or even research papers (which of course have value, but there’s nothing like real world experiences!).

Nattokinase comes from an enzyme in soybeans.Nattokinase is an enzyme isolated from the vegetable cheese Natto; a typical and popular soybean food in the Japanese diet. Nattokinase has been found to have blood clot dissolving abilities and prevents the aggregation of red blood cells.

How Others Have Benefited from Nattokinase

As mentioned, I love to read reviews written by real people when I am learning about or evaluating a new supplement. You can learn a lot about the real benefits a supplement offers this way, through first hand experiences of real people.  Below are some comments I found very insightful. I read these reviews at where I buy all my supplements. They have my highest recommendation.

POSITIVE REVIEWS for Nattokinase from Real People

  • Blood Pressure Normalized within 5 days at 6 caps per day.
  • This is part of clearing the the arteris of plaque. I use this as part of my arteriosclerosis treatment The primary ingredient is high doses of cayenne pepper (105k to 140K BTU), granual lethisine, omega 3 flax seed, fresh garlic morning and night, fish oil and anti-oxigents. The slippery blood consistency keeps the blood moving more freely and less chance of clotting. I have also seen a lowering of my blood pressure by adding hawthorne berry day and night morning and night.
  • If you are not on any blood thinners such as cumadin but have circulation problems, Nattokinase really works. Most people over 65 have circulation problems It is the only nonprescription product that apparently disolves blood clots
  • Bought this for my 77 year old Mother who suffers from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. She desperately wants to get off her meds so I recommended that she try this (along with policosanol). After a little over a week her blood pressure dropped from 138 (a.m.) to between 118-124. It’s a definite step in the right direction!! Oh, by the way, don’t know if it’s from this or not, but, she also lost 5 lbs (down to 119 and she’s always been mid to upper 120’s).
  • Not only prevents amyloid plaques from forming in blood vessels (like statins) but gradually works to DISSOLVE and flush that junk into the liver and kidneys and OUT of the body once and for all!!! Reduces or eliminates stroke and heart-attack risks if combined with disciplined intake of EPA/DHA and the rest of the CVD supplements over at least 7 months. Been on this stuff for over 9 years… blood pressure normal… clear brain and arteries… no trace of CVD… and take NO prescripts whatsoever since 2002… and still have the diet of an unsupervised 8-year-old with minimal exercise!
  • My dachshund went completely paralyzed in his hind end last year. This was one of the herbs we gave to him, recommended by our vet! It’s a year later, he’s still on it and he is walking 100%. It helps keep his blood flowing.
  • I started using the Doctors Best Nattokinase  after I had driven for 46.5 hrs straight. I only got out of the auto to fuel up or bathroom. I was diagnosed as having blood clots. A dear friend told me about Natto and I purchased the best I could find. The pain and most discoloration went away. about eight months later, I had pneumonia and was hospitalized in Dallas while on business. They did a full body scan NO CLOTS!! I have also noticed that my memory is sharper now (at 58) than it was at 15.
  • I had a DVT in one leg that turned into a pulmonary embolism. The embolism was blocking my arteries. The standard treatment is a clot buster like low molecular weight heparin followed by a VKA like coumadin. Long story short I chose to use nattokinase instead. Just like the pictures of nattokinase dissolving thrombosis in petri dishes within hours, nattokinase dissolved my thrombosis within hours. I could actually feel the blood flow return and my heart beating. I didn’t feel so tired, lifeless, seeing stars, dizzy, etc. I just felt more like my normal self. The next day I was able to walk much further than normal without the excruciating pain in my leg from the thrombosis and the light headedness. Within a week I started jogging again, although I could only go short distances before my leg really started swelling and tightening up. It’s been over a month and I can run for half an hour now. It’s going to take a long time to recover from the PE, but I feel confident that I won’t have problems with thrombosis again when I take nattokinase. The only side effect I notice is sometimes a little bleeding from my gums when I brush my teeth, but it’s acceptable because this isn’t nearly as dangerous as something like coumadin.
  • The first day I took 2 natto with 2 pharma gaba capsules, my BP came down from 150/95, to 125/92! and this was WITHOUT taking my HBP medication! After 3 days the swelling in my feet and hands is gone; the neuropathy I was experiencing from the middle of my foot to my toes is now just in one toe, and my feet–which were getting rough and very dry, are now moist and supple; even my cuticles are softening up! This product is like a miracle. I am so glad I found it. I take 2 with each meal, and 2 at bedtime. I have had no side effects. I will purchase this product regularly. Listen to your body as you use this product, and don’t be afraid to increase your dosage.
  • I had a large, painful, hot, swollen red lump on my inner thigh near my knee joint, and I could feel a big knotted up clot in there. This terrified me because if one of those breaks apart and pieces get into your lungs or brain, they can cause death. I found this product from a google search, and I am thrilled to report that within a week that clot had dissipated to nothing. The swollen redness is gone, the pain is gone, and the clot is gone. I will continue to take this product as a form of preventive medicine
  • I am a 75 year-old active male. I work out with weight machines three times a week at my local wellness center. I also use the treadmill and other cardio machines. I ride my bike to and from the center (3 miles total). I’m fond of dancing and go as often as my lady friend feels up to it. I try to eat right, but I have a little paunch (not good). About two years ago I had dizzy spells and couldn’t breathe well while singing in my church choir. I had an EKG that diagnosed my condition as Left Bundle Branch Block (LBBB), in which the left and right ventricles in the heart were out of sync. So I went to the internet and found that one of the causes of LBBB was high blood pressure, to which I had a tendency even though I was taking ginkgo and CoQ10 to control the condition and strengthen my heart. I felt that the cause of my high bp was probably clogged arteries. One of my alternative doctor’s newsletters mentioned nattokinase as the best way to clean arteries. After taking it for one month, further testing showed only occasional skipped beats. The condition has continued to improve since then. Today I read an alternative health newsletter that stated that natto was very effective in clearing the plaque of Alzheimer’s from the brain. So I’ve started taking two capsules daily now instead of one. I plan to stay out of the nursing home except to visit old friends.
  • My BP varied between 158-148 for about 2 years. Since taking 2 capsules/day it is now 110/70 with no other meds. I am 60 yr old.
  • I have to say I was suspect of taking Nattokinase as my Dr tried to fear me to death by saying if I didnt take coumadin and lovenox shots then I would die. No joke. I mentioned Nattokinase to him and he replied ‘never heard of it but I wouldnt taking anything that is not approved by the FDA.’ Due to the fear based Dr warnings, I started self injecting 2 lovenox shots a day but after 3 days of use I had to be rushed to the hospital bc I was having a rare allergic reaction to the shot (pork based). The ER checked my clots again and there was obviously no improvement after 3 days of lovenox use. I quit taking lovenox immediately and started Nattokinase. 11 days later I went back for an ultrasound to see if my clots were dissolving and to my own surprise the clots were 100% gone. There was no sign of crystalized clot against my vein either. The clots just dissolved. The Dr said there was no proof that Nattokinase healed me. Proving my point that Dr’s are puppets for the pharma companies. I was suspect of Nattokinase at first, but I wouldnt risk your life by telling you this if it did not work for me. Coumadin is low grade rat poison and doesnt dissolve clots at all — it only thins the blood. Nattokinase dissolved my clot in 11 days and my blood pressure has dropped from 140/85 to 104/72 during the short time I’ve been taking it. 2 pills as soon as I wake up in the morning (empty stomach a must for best effects), 2 and hr before lunch, and 2 a couple hrs after dinner.


To provide a fair, unbiased and thorough representation of what people have experienced with a particular supplement, I always including any seemingly credible negative reviews as well. For the  most part, reviews of Natto are positive, but here is one that should be taken seriously by anyone with a bleeding disorder. While Nattokinase has very many health benefits, it does have a slight natural blood thinning effect.  Therefore, if you are on blood thinners, consult your doctor before adding Nattokinase to your supplement regime. And if you have a bleeding disorder, Nattokinase may not be recommended for you – definitely consultant your doctor before usage if you have any bleeding disorder.

  • It seemed apparently to work in the early stages – I had to stop as I started to bleed which was very worrying. Stopped bleeding once stopped taking this product. I have no disorder to be affected like this.

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