There are two types of Hawthorn supplements – Hawthron Berry and Hawthorn extract. Hawthorn Extract appears to be most widely used for lowering blood pressure, while it does have other overall benefits for the heart. Hawthorn Berry appears to be more widely used for heart issues that go beyond blood pressure, while it may also lower blood pressure as well.

The Jarrow Supplement brand describes Hawthorn this way: “Hawthorn (Crataegus oxycantha) has been used for centuries to aid circulation. Clinical research supports hawthorn’s beneficial activities. The powerful antioxidants in hawthorn help to protect the cells of the cardiovascular system from free radicals.”

I always like to carefully study the reviews of people using any herbal remedy I am interested in trying, to get some real world perspectives and personal experiences. I’ve excerpted those that provide the best insights below.

Let’s start with Hawthorn Berry.

Hawthorn Berry

Now Foods Brand

“About 1-1/2 years ago my Doc. said I may need a heart valve replaced as it did not seem to let enought blood to flow, and at night I would wake suddenly gasping for air. I read about Dr. Mark Stengler’s recommendation to use Hawthorn Berry as an anti-aging herb for the heart. Since using Hawthorn Berry I have had no more problems.”

“Guaranteed to clean out those blood vessels. However, the bottle says to take 2 three times a day. Double that dosage if you want to feel and see real results!”

My doctor told me to get this when I kept having trouble with a leaky bladder. This product has this problem completely under control now.

The NOW brand gives me a good result at a reasonable price with blood pressure control. It also seems to help me with shortness of breath upon exertion. I don’t want to be without it.

I order this for my husband. He takes it to keep his blood pressure down so that he doesn’t have to take blood pressure meds.

Works great for high blood pressure. I was at 159/90 now I am at 118/78 with no prescription drugs.

Very good for the eyes.

take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. With the Vitamin E 400 (2/day), really helps to lower high blood pressure by morning. Next step is 10,000 steps of aerobic walking every day (according to Dr. Oz on the Oprah show). That’s about 1/2 hour or 45 minutes of fast walking. That helps to totally eliminate high blood pressure and help reduce diabetes as well, because it helps you to lose weight (and toxins).

I’ve taken Hawthorne berry for years on the recommendation of a physician to control mild heart palpitations. Simple. I take this once a day, no palpitations. If I stop, then they come back. I ran out once and got another formulation from a local store, and palpitations came back. Once I got back on this formula all was well again. Not saying this will work for everyone, but it does for me. I have a very mild and functional heart condition (mitral valve prolapse with a systemic murmur).

Hawthorn is known to relax blood vessels. I take it every day.

Has definitly lowered my blood pressure, I take with cayenne and it works excellent for me!

This product really seems to help my husband’s blood pressure. He use to take 2 different kind of prescriptions to control his BP but now he isn’t on anything but these and some arginine. The trick with these pills seems to be finding the right dose for the individual. 2 in the am and 2 in the pm seems to work for him.

I have heart problems and these are my favorite “lifesaver” of choice!

Lowers blood pressure and calms fast pulse.

Before taking this I used to get very tired achy legs due to venous insufficiency.This product worked amazingly well.I have been taking it for years now and my legs don’t bother me at all now.

My husband has lowered his blood pressure taking four of these daily.

Recommended to me  for the electrical health of my heart.

After taking this for 1 month, I am convinced that this is the remedy for high BP, poor blood circulation, arteries and heart health. I have no more heart palpitations, high BP and numbness since taking this with Kaneka CoQ10.

Having had a quad by-pass 21 years ago and having suffered afterwards at the hands of physicians subsequently I turned to alternative medicine and I can vouch for the benefit of this natural substance and that too of serrapeptase.

My BP was 140/90 or 150/90 with 4 mg Atacand & Coenzyme 10 150mg taken… with this supplement, Garlic Oil, Coenzyme 10 150mg(ordered here) and 4mg Atacand my BP was 120/80 or 110/70 at night.. finished one bottle already and just take off Atacand slowly..

I use it to stop AFIB (together with Taurine and DHA), and it works.

This is suppose to be THE heart herb according to Dr. Schultz.

I didn’t expect too much from this, it was inexpensive and I wasn’t sure of the purity/strength. However, it did lower my blood pressure to normal range from pre hypertensive.

I am a 69 year old male.My heart would skip a beat occasionally. my heart rate is much better now ..don’t skip near as much. My blood pressure is improved too.

Helpful for mild tachycardia, and arrhythmias. Improves circulation and helps prevent congestion

I have high blood pressure, and by taking two of these per day, my blood pressure is at around 110 over 70! Couldn’t ask for better than that!


Now Foods Hawthron Extract

Hawthorn leaves, flowers and berries have been for generations by herbalists as a cardiovascular tonic. Hawthorn supports cardiovascular health by enhancing cardiac muscle tone and vascular integrity. NOW Hawthorn Extract provides powerful antioxidant flavonoids, including standardized Vitexin that, along with other components in Hawthorn, have been found to support healthy blood flow and healthy blood pressure within the healthy range.


If used consistently, this product keeps my blood pressure (which is tending toward the 140/90 range) in the normal range (120/80).  No side effects with this, unlike prescription BP meds.

I had tried Ubiquinol, a new version of CoQ10, that had some good recommendations. I didn’t get the response I was looking for. So about a month ago I incorporated Hawthorn Extract 3 times a day with the Ubiquinol taken once a day. My blood pressure has been gradually lowering and today it was on the money.

I take a bottle about once every 3-4 months, not all the time. It’s supposed to be a great heart tonic. It seems to rid my body of excess fluid. I take it at night, and sleep much deeper when I’m taking it.

lowers my blood pressure and when I run out my blodd pressure goes right back up. This beats a prescription.

I suffer from high blood pressure and three months ago it had reached 155/95. I started taking this Hawthorn product twice a day with Kyolic garlic capsules and now my BP is consistently 118/74 and normal. This proves that you can achieve results as good or better than prescription medicines.

Most helpful herb I have ever taken. I have suffered from severe chronic depression, severe heart palpitations, and chronic fatigue for years. I cannot take any anti-depressants because all of the effective ones exacerbate my heart palpitations and cause tachycardia. On the other hand, heart drugs make my depression worse. I was so bad off that I felt pretty close to death’s door. Then I discovered hawthorn. This herb has been a life saver for me. It has a rapid and powerful anti-depressant effect, normalizes my energy level, and is maybe 90% effective in reducing my heart palpitations. I feel like I have gotten my life back. I don’t hear about hawthorn having an antidepressant effect for others but it sure works for me, at least so far. Considerations: For me, hawthorn has a mild stimulating effect, so I have to take it morning/afternoon in order to avoid insomnia. For me, the recommended dose of 1-2 caps daily is not enough. I need 3-4 caps daily.

I ordered this for my husband whose blood pressure was consistently in the 140/90 range. This product has kept his blood pressure in the 120/80 range.

After 2 weeks it lowered my my BP from 130/90 to 121/78.. Well worth it!

Before starting any blood pressure protocol my BP was 150/85. I started taking 300mg Hawthorn (morning and night), 80,000UI Serrapeptase (morning and night) and 100mg CoQ10 (morning). I also followed the “Water Cure” protocol which involves ingesting specific amounts of unrefined salt and water at specific times (look it up if you’re interested). I started all of this at the same time. TWO WEEKS later my BP is 126/80

Have tried other hawthorn formulas but this is the best coupled with dandelion and CQ10 has kept blood pressure normal without taking blood pressure medicine.

I have been taking this product along with adhering to my blood type diet–Dr. D’adamo’s book–“Eat right 4 your Type”–I am type A and my cholestorol is down over 100 points in 3 weeks! No drug has EVER come anywhere close–and no side effect at all of course. The answers are obviously in our nutrition.

Great for you circulatory system. Hawthorn is also a sleep aid, but therefore this extract is to strong. For a sleep aid take the “non extract” form of Now: Hawthorn Berry 550 mg.

Wonderful herb which supports heart function. Use cayenne also for that purpose. And add ginger which naturally thins the blood. No Coumadin for me, thank you very much.

After about a month of taking this two to three times a day, I went back to the doctors. My heart rate was normal and blood pressure low, both had been high before. The best thing was something my doctor couldn’t measure. I have restless leg syndrome but I haven’t had an episode since two weeks in. I have recently (three months later) lowered the amount of pills to see where the maintenance level is. I mostly do well on one with an occasional second pill if I feel my legs are on the verge of an episode.

This supplement, combined with grape seed extract (one cap. of each daily), lowered my mom’s high blood pressure by 30 points.

Sstarted to use it a half year ago to treat my mild Atrial Fibrillation, together with 3x1g Taurine and Now Food’s DHA-500 (2 capsules a day). After a couple of days the AFIB attacks was almost totally gone, now I very seldom I have some light AFIB. I give credit partly to this extract, but I suspect the two others are perhaps more effective.

I consider Hawthorn to be almost as important as Grape seed extract. It is a very important part of my daily heart health supplements.

During my control visit at the cardiologist all my tests showed to be very good and improved since 6 months ago. That is after 4 months of using these Vcaps.

Lowered blood pressuree with this, garlic, and hisbiscus tea daily.

There are many studies that find that hawthorn is very helpful for congestive heart failure. It also decreases blood pressure

 This is suppose to be THE heart herb according to Dr. Schultz.

Jarrow Brand Hawthorn (from Leaf and Flower, not berries)

My mother used to take 20 mg of Lisinopril. She now just takes just one capsule of Hawthorn per day and her blood pressure has been great – actually better than on the Lisinopril! She eats very well and takes other supplements, but Hawthorn seems to be the only one that has significantly lowered her blood pressure. UPDATE 2012: She continued to take 1 Hawthorn every day for over 2 years with excellent blood pressure. Now she doesn’t take any because she finds her blood pressure is usually good without it. Before switching to Hawthorn, her BP was very high. Several of her friends switched from prescription to Hawthorn on her recommendation with great results.

My blood pressure was 240/120 when I first started taking hawthorn. I had tried many prescriptions but never felt good. I reserched natural found hawthorn and have been taking it ever since. My blood pressure has always been normal since. I only have to take one a day.

Seems to do a good work in regulating the heartbeat. If your pump has a tendency to jump irregulary, I suggest you give this a try,

Was having palpitations and a “racing” heart. Now only occasionally palpitations with stress. This really works!

Dr. prescribed Amlodipine which lowered my BP to about 135/90. Since adding one 500 mg Hawthorne it averages 122/82. This will likely eliminate need for stronger or additional med. After follow up visit I may try 2 caps/day without med.

Also take with curcumin which is also good for heart health.

Excellent proven cardiovascular benefits!! Statin drugs, ie Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor etc WILL cause Congestive heart failure. Hawthorn is what you need to strengthen your heart muscle.

I used to suffer from chest pains and it was affecting my life so decided to start taking Hawthorn and within a week I saw results and havent been geting anymore chest pains since I take Hawthorn as part of my daily suplement and healthy diet. Let me also just say that I tried different herbs and supplements before and none of them worked as well as Hawthorn has.

This was the first step in healing after starting angina. Now after changing diet totally, I am doing so much better, but I still notice if I don’t take it.

I had conjestive heart failure. Now the symptoms have gone away.

this product is amazing for balancing rapid heartbeats to the normal levels,i take it together along with Paradise Herbs Hawthorn berry Extract for a complete Synergestic herbal action,1 of each in the morning and again at bedtime for maintanance,and occasionally when i feel i need more than that.

By taking this plus magnesium & CoQ10, don`t experience any more heart flutters or stress in the heart area when lying down at night.

Tried hawthorn berries to reduce my husband’s high blood pressure. I believe this product worked as others have reported, but to be honest we started giving him 1 tes. of taurine twice a day also, so that could have been instrumental also. Anyway, his blood pressure has been reduced by about 15 points in about 3 weeks.

Using this to lower blood pressure – the cardiologist says, “it works.”

Sometimes my heart beats faintly or irregularly, but this makes the beat strong and steady. Very noticeable difference.

I use this to help lower my blood pressure! I am having good results so far! I also take it it combination with other supplements: Abana, garlic, and reishi mushroom

I used to suffer from an occasional extra heart beat and temporary irregular heart rythmn. Since beginning daily dosing of this product many years ago, I have not experienced any episodes except for when I stopped using it, thinking that it wasn’t necessary. I will never go without this again.

This one has the right parts of the plant in it to be the most effective (it isn’t just made up of the weaker berries of the plant, but the flowers etc.).

Dr. prescribed Amlodipine which lowered my BP to about 135/90. Since adding one 500 mg Hawthorne it averages 122/82. This will likely eliminate need for stronger or additional med. After follow up visit I may try 2 caps/day without med.

Nature’s Way, HeartCare, Hawthorn Extract

Several users report they got better results with this brand than other hawthorn brands they had tried.

  • Clinically Proven
  • Improves Blood & Nutrient Flow to the Heart Muscle
  • 18.75% Oligomeric Procyanidins
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Trust the Leaf

The Unique Hawthorn Extract

While many hawthorn extracts contain 2% vitexin extracted from hawthorn berries, HeartCare uniquely contains 18.75% oligomeric procyanidins extracted from the herb’s potent leaves and flowers. Extracting from this different plant part provides up to 10 times more of the key active bioflavonoids necessary for efficacy.

Clinically Proven

Validated by over 50 years of clinical research, HeartCare has been shown to support efficient heart muscle metabolism by improving its oxygen and energy utilization.

The standard medication doctors dispense to heart patients almost never include alternative adjuvant therapy. I discovered this while researching on care for a heart failure patient & I found that Hawthorn berry improves the flow of blood to the heart and pushes blood more effectively out of the heart and into the arteries.

Ever since I started taking this hawthorn — in conjunction with CoQ10, lecithin and evening primrose oil — my heart condition has greatly eased. I still have dizzy spells every so often, but no more nausea and the dizzy spells are mild and non-debilitating.

Hawthorn Extract certainly works for angina and general heart muscle. It should be taken with care when other medications are also taken for blood pressure etc. Hawthorn does interact with beta blockers but works well on its own.

I was advised to take a whole flower and leaf hawthorn extract. This one meets that requirement. If you read the whole label on this product, you will understand why this is important.

strengthens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, thins the blood slightly.

I got this for my mother, who has a heart condition. She couldn’t go for a walk without having chest pain. When she took her first dose of HeartCare, 1 tablet, in few hours she felt better and she could walk without chest pain. This is a great supplement, made in Germany and I guess this is the highest quality Hawthorn Berry in the world. Thanks for helping us feel better 🙂 UPDATE: my mother has been using this product for about 2 years I think. Now she feels even better, she’s in her 70s. She’s off her blood pressure medication, she can do alot of things she haven’t done in 20 years. Like walking fast and for long periods, before she used to walk for 2 minutes and feel she will die. UPDATE 3/2015: my mother has been taking it for years now, 1 tablet 3 times daily. She loves it and can’t be without it, this is one of the most important supplements for heart patients, along with CoQ 10 Enzyme 100mg 2-3 times daily.



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