As I’ve indicated in my posts of Glutamine, EcGc (green tea extract) and 5-HTP, I am beginning to question the effectiveness of Now Foods Products. I know they are well regarded, but the above have had no effect on me whatsoever; feels like taking sugar pills.   I have occasionally read in reviews others who say the product are not effective, though generally their products have the highest number of reviews and most are not negative (of course, phoney reviews are always a possibility in the age of stealth marketing).  Things like 5-htp which I’ve taken before and has been very effective simply gives no effect now with the Now Foods brand.  Maybe its just me, but I think in the future I will specifically look to try other brands and take a break from Now Foods for a while. I think probably their L-Arginine which husband uses (and I should be using…) may be good. But it could be worth it to try another brand and see if that does even better.

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