Health Supplements for AFib

Magnesium 1000 mg

CoQ10 200-600mg (does not appear to have blood thinning properties)

Hawthorn 300 mg (may have blood thinning properties)

Fish Oil 2- 6 g


The Whitaker Wellness Institute  uses natural supplements to treat atrial fibrillation – the doctors there do not believe that drugs are the answer when it comes to treating AFib. Instead, they use and recommend,  intravenous magnesium (Magnesium supplements would be a 2nd choice alternative) which works wonders relaxing the smooth muscles in the heart,  daily doses of oral magnesium (1,000 mg), fish oil (2–6 g), coenzyme Q10 (200–600 mg), hawthorn (300 mg), and aspirin (to thin the blood).

Lifestyle changes can also be beneficial. Studies show that eating fish a few times a week reduces atrial fibrillation risk and people who regularly practice yoga have a 50 percent reduction in episodes of irregular heartbeat. Acupuncture is also recommended by the institute.

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