A professional cleaner always leaves cleaning the bathrooms last when cleaning a whole house, in order to minimize bacterial transfer.

Give cleaning products time to work.

Let your cleaners do the work for you. Spray the shower walls and the toilet and leave them to do their job for several minutes. Use that time to clean the mirrors, windows, medicine cabinet, and whatever else is in the room. “Then go back and wash off the surfaces, using way less elbow grease.”

Wipe all surfaces dry. This applies to the bath rooms, kitchen area, as well as floor surfaces. Always dry metal and wooden floors to remove water spots.

When you dry your surfaces, instead of just letting it air-dry, you are shinning it but also halting the growth of bacteria by getting rid of standing water. This is especially true in high bacteria areas like the kitchen and bath.

You are also lessening the presence of dirty foot prints on a wet kitchen hardwood floor, bathroom floor or entry way floor. The chances of anyone slipping on a wet or even damp floor dissipate, believe me it is easy to slip and fall.

Their favorite cleaner is probably in your pantry.

“You’d think that we’d have some crazy secret weapon up our sleeves, but the best thing we have is white vinegar and water,” says Canongo. “It cleans well and even clears cloudiness from residue left behind by other cleaners.” Fill a spray bottle with one part vinegar, three parts water.

10. They always have a toothbrush on hand.

You certainly don’t need to clean every inch of your house with a fine-tooth comb, but Stickney does support the use of toothbrush once in a while. “I have several small brushes to get into those tiny cracks in the bathroom,” she says. “Around the bottom screws of a toilet are the hardest parts to get.”

To clean or unclog a shower head: simply remove the shower head and place it into a mixture of vinegar and hot water. This will loosen the calcium and other materials clogging the mechanism and allow you to experience a full-force flow once again!


Mirrors should be streak-free from all angles. If they’re not, they will not look clean and you’ll just be forced to do them again. The mirror will also stay cleaner longer if it’s really clean.

I recommend a foam glass cleaner like Invisible Glass or Bon Ami.

If you still can’t get your mirror clean, try vinegar and water, as this will remove any build up that you may have from other products.


Make sure to clean the bowl, lids, fronts, bases, tops, and especially in and around the seat fasteners where dirt tends to collect. We recommend Spray Vim for the entire bathroom.

Wipe the base of the toilet and in behind the toilet by hand including the baseboard as a mop just can’t do this job.


Clean all lights (including the bulbs once they have cooled), toilet paper and towel racks, and the tops of the shower curtain rod. Also take care to clean the underside of taps especially where taps meet sinks and tubs. Hot water and a simple scrubbie will take away all gunk.

If you have a shower door with metal trim, take the time to clean the track. If you have halogen lights over your mirror, try to clean the mirror before you turn on the lights, as the lights heat up the mirror and therefore make it impossible to get a streak free finish.


Try and fold all towels hotel style (in three). This is a simple technique that will really give you that professional look. See the welcome video for how to do this folding technique.

  • Daily: After each shower, use a small squeegee to help prevent water marks on the walls. Also keep a small hand held vacuum to use on the floors each day.
  • Weekly: Once per week, combine the above duties with a thorough cleaning of the shower/tub, toilet and surfaces. Mop the floor weekly as well.
  • Monthly: Once per month, be sure to organize all of your cabinets and closets within your bathroom spaces. This helps maintain an easy order within these storage spaces.
  • Yearly: With regular maintenance, a bathroom should not require a deep, yearly clean. Items to clean occasionally include taking down blinds and giving them a soak in all-purpose cleaner and washing your plastic shower curtain in cold water.

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