Vitamins that look and taste as yummy as candy. Seems like a good idea, right?  But intelligent, health conscious adults can’t help but ask themselves “Do Gummy Vitamins Work?”…”Are vitamin gummies effective?”  Gummy Vitamins – Good or Bad? Read on to find out.

When Gummy Vitamins first came out, I was skeptical. With my existing knowledge of the health supplement industry, I was already very well aware that not all health supplements or vitamins pack as much health benefit as they should, and I really questioned whether so-called “vitamins” that look and taste so much like candy could really be good for you.  Do gummy vitamins work? Are gummy vitamins good or bad?

I resisted the urge to buy those yummy chewy little wonders for several years, and then recently, contrary to my better judgement I caved the last time I was buying vitamins, and yes, I bought vitamin gummies. The idea of chewing something yummy and having one less pill to swallow was too tempting to pass up, given that I do take a lot of daily supplements to keep a number of health conditions under control.  (Before I go on, allow me to say, if you insist on buying gummy vitamins, at least get them at with coupon code POP080 and save $5 on your first purchase there! Or better yet, just buy a better quality, real-food based vitamin at iHerb, and save $5 on that! Recommendations on good vitamin choices further below…).

As soon as I got the first one in my mouth, the skepticism resurfaced – are gummy vitamins for adults effective, I had to wonder?  Are gummy vitamins even effective for children, for that matter?

I did my research and due dilligence to determine once and for all:  are vitamin gummies effective?

The bottom line is, gummy vitamins do theoretically contain the vitamins they purport to contain – at least to the same extent that any vitamin product can be trusted to contain what it claims to contain.

BUT – and there is a BIG BUT – they also contain ridiculous amounts of unhealthy ingredients that absolutely don’t belong in any product designed to promote good health – high levels of sugar, corn syrup, food coloring and other questionable ingredients.  The sugar and corn syrup is of particular concern because these ingredients are bad for the brain, bad for the gut, bad for the metabolism, and they really counteract the purpose of taking the vitamin in the first place. It makes absolutely no sense to put something good into your body, when the same product is also going to put something bad into your body (or your children’s bodies in the case of gummy vitamins for kids).  At that point, you might as well not bother, because you are defeating the purpose and health benefits of taking vitamins in the first place.

Even soft drink producers are now working to remove sugar from their products because of the heightened awareness of how bad sugar is for the body (Pepsi Next, for example, has been developed to have 30% less sugar than  the original Pepsi beverage). This growing trend towards eliminating sugar from as many products as possible is happening for a reason – because people are wisening up to just how bad sugar is for the body and the gut, and they are demanding better from product manufacturers. There is no way vitamin producers should be creating vitamin products with such a high sugar content as that found in gummy vitamins. And as for the corn syrup contained in gummy vitamins, that is a whole other health nightmare for the body all together.

So if you’ve been wondering if you are wasting your money on gummy vitamins… if you’ve had questions about whether gummy vitamins are good or bad, are they effective, and wondering do gummy vitamins work,  the bottom line is that you are best to skip the gummies, and go for a more wholesome type of vitamin. Sure, there may be some small benefit from taking gummy vitamins (its debatable given the downsides), but there are much better choices out there when it comes to the multivitamin you put into your body, or that of your child or other loved one.  Ideally, look for a vitamin product such as this one for women (or this one for men), for example, that is dervied from real fruits and vegetables or raw whole food (as opposed to synthetic vitamins), and defintely, stay away from vitamins containing high amounts of sugar, corn syrup – other wise you might as well not even bother – just save your money. You will be defeating the purpose of taking vitamins if you put garbage in your body in the process.

In addition to the recommendation I made a moment ago, here are some other good, wholesome, food based vitamins that you would be much better off putting into your body in place of gummy vitamins, which may not be so good for you after all:

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MegaFood Whole Food Multivitamins – All Varieties

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