Eye or ear problems, including cataracts, glaucoma, redness, bulrred vision, poor eyesight, ringing in the ears, earaches, soreness or swelling of the ears, eardrum damage, hardness of hearing, and(in rare cases) loss of hearing: Use 1 drop of colloidal silver topically (directly in theeye orear) 3 times a day.”

“Colloidal silver has been found to be beneficial for permanently restoring the patency of the Eustachian tubes and for reducing nasopharyngeal catarrh. Colloidal silver has also been used successfully in septic conditions of the mouth (including pyorrhea alveolysis – Rigg’s disease), throat (including tonsillitis and quincies), ear (including Menier’s symptoms and closure to Valsalva’s inflation), and iin generalized septicemia, leucorrhea.”

~ Wrote this note to myself on March 16, 2010


One of my patients has had a gas problem that has been unrelieved by diet and medication. After using a mixture of 1/2 oz. of Colloidal Silver in 2 quarts of distilled water, and drinking this over the course of a day, especially with meals, he has shown more improvement than with any other treatment. It helps to eliminate fermentation caused by yeasts and molds found on the fruits, vegetables, and other foods we eat, as well as in the beer and wine some people drink. A great deal of gastro-intestinal upset is caused by foods that cause fermentation. As mentioned before, Colloidal Silver is a natural food preservative, and it can be used as a digestive aid.

~ Wrote this note to myself on March 19, 2010


He didn’t even have to scrape off any plaque on either of us. Our teeth are in great shape. No cavities! I know it is because we faithfully swish our mouths with colloidal silver after brushing our teeth. We do this both in the morning and before going to bed.

~ 3-19-2010


Colloidal silver is a very powerful natural antibiotic with no side effects and I have used it for years. Most brands (and you should always buy the best) tell you to use it for 10 days and then stop. I have found it to be so good that I never need to use it for the full 10 days.

There are machines you can buy to make your own, but I would avoid them like the plague. This man has undoubtedly worked on the principle that more is better and has completely poisoned himself.

~ 3-22-2010
Add two or three drops of Colloidal Silver in the affected ear three times daily for a week. Pain and inflammation in Inner Ear Infection is resolved immediately with the benefits of Colloidal Silver.

In relieving the pain of an ear that hurts, due to the numerous subdivisions of ear infections, among those home remedies for ear infection, will involve a clean and long men’s sock, one cup of rice (any variety), and, a microwave.  Pour the rice into the sock.  Bind or tie the sock to secure the rice within it.  Place the rice-filled sock into the microwave for sixty seconds.  Apply the heated rice-filled sock onto the ear.  This application has a duel purpose, in alleviating the source of pressure creating the discomfort, along with draining the build up of fluid within the ear.  For optimum results, reapply this process frequently.

l! I was in so much pain, so I took about 3 gulps (I didn’t measure it, I just drank it right out of the bottle) that day. By the very next morning (not even 24 hours) all the pain & the ear infection was completely gone!

Healing crisis

This is a condition wherein the colloidal silver is killing the pathogens very quickly. The body’s five eliminatory systems (kidneys, liver, skin, bowel, and lungs) become temporarily overloaded. This is especially true when overcoming HIV with colloidal silver. One may feel lethargic and dozy due to this rapid action. Continue the regimen, but drink up to four litres of water per day together with up to 6 grams of Vitamin C.

I have been subligating my colloidal silver for a 10 minute duration at night every other day (incubation of bacteria is 24-96 hours normally, viruses 12-48 hours). Dentists won’t like this to get out the to general public….subligating for 10 minutes wipes out all the bacteria trying to exist in between teeth and gums. I needed a root canal 3 years ago and the pain was killing me…when I remembered the research paper I read (dated 1906) that stated silver needed 6 minutes of contact time to stop the respiration cycle of the bacterium.

People don’t need to suffer from cavities again if they do a preventive program with colloidal silver. Within 15 minutes of my first time subligating for 10 minutes – 3years ago – the tremendous pain that I felt with every heartbeat was gone forever.


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