6 licorice morning and night

1 co q 10 with fish oil

1 hawthorn morning and night

3 dmae

1 pine bark (pycnogenol)

1 quercetin

1 beta glucan (epicor)

1 L carnosine


royal jelly

bee propalis
Adrenal energy supplement

Should be doing arganine and citrulline, plus hyaraluaci acide with the collagen, and vit c to boost effectiveness – synergestic formula.

Should be taking vitamin D esp in winter, and also rotate through various powerful antioxidants, or at times of threat, powerup with all at same time: quercetin, pine bark, beta glucan, musrhoom formulas, grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, elderberry, (monolaurin, colostrum), serrepeptase, asthetaxman.

Tryptophan (for anxiety) min 5000 -1000 up to 3 times per day, capsules, not tablets) and Theanine (for physiological depressedion primarily, but as a back up to tryptophan for very severe anxiety) on as needed basis.

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