Green superfood powder drinkYou’ve probably noticed that most healthy eating programs, including “clean eating” plans, put an emphasis on eating your greens. Green foods are a key part of healthy eating because they are very nutrient rich while also being low calorie and zero fat. In fact, leafy greens are the most nutrient dense vegetables on the planet (with kale being the king of all leafy greens). Green foods are also alkalizing, which is very important for the maintenance of good health, whereas grains, legumes, dairy and proteins are acidic foods – acid is not good for the body, especially if you have too much acidity and not enough alkalinity. Too  much acid in the body causes inflammation and contributes to disease in the body.

To bring our bodies into balance we need to eat lots of raw green veggies.  But many of us simply don’t. I plead guilty to that. Never really liked veggies, and particularly not leafy greens, so as a result, I have never been one to consume anywhere as much as I should.  Its  hard to do if you simply don’t like green veggies – and a lot of people don’t!  And its also a challenge to eat enough greens for people who lead a busy lifestyle and are on the go a lot. It takes time to eat your greens!

For this reason, a lot of health conscious people turn to juicing. But juicing is not without its challenges as well.  Juicing is time consuming. It takes considerable prep time, involves a lot of clean up (more time and work), and has to be done frequently.  You cant make up a batch of juice and keep it in the fridge for a week, because the shelf life of fresh juice is usually about 72 hours.

That leads to an option I personally love, and which I have found has worked very well for me – drinking my greens in the form of a green superfood drink powder.  There’s a reason this has become “a thing”. For the first time, I enjoy getting my greens! I have always had a problem with consuming enough greens. I know they are super-foods, but I’m just not crazy about the way they taste or even the texture. So as a result I’ve always been a bit lax in ensuring I consume my greens on a daily basis, even after I got into clean eating and really came to understand the importance of eating enough leafy greens for good health and proper nutrition.  I tried juicing, but I found it was just too much of a hassle to be practical and realistic for me to stick with. I especially disliked all the clean up required afterward – there are so many parts that have to be thoroughly cleaned on the juicer, and it was a huge time killer, especially when you have to do it every couple of days.

The day I first tried drinking my greens from a green drink powder was life changing for me.  I don’t mean to sound dramatic but its true. I am very health conscious overall, so I didn’t feel good about the fact that I knew darn well I was FAILING in the ‘eat your greens’ department.  Finally I found a way to consume a healthy amount of greens on a daily basis that was convenient, fast, simple, and therefore entirely workable.  Even better, the taste was not all that bad either. In fact, I LIKE IT!  And I’ve stuck with it because its easy and its tasty. I’ve been drinking my greens since 2013.

Amazing Grass Superfood Reviews:

My two favorite powdered green drinks are both made by Amazing Grass :

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder

(1) Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass, which I mix into orange juice and it tastes really yummy.  You can also just mix it with water and drink it that way, but I find it feels extra filling and nourishing when mixed into orange juice, and I really Love the way it tastes. The natural flavor of this wheat grass is just complimented really well by the taste of orange juice (or vice versa). Sometimes if I need a bit of a boost in the afternoon and am feeling like I’m lacking a sense of get up and go, I mix up one of these and can feel it kick me back into gear. If I’m hungry and I’m not really sure what I want to eat (you know what those moods are like…), I’ll mix up one of these instead of allowing myself to just start nibbling on anything in sight, and usually this is all it takes to satisfy me.

(2) Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Chocolate Drink Powder – Love the chocolate flavor of this one, its hard to imagine you are actually drinking greens. Cacao is used to get that yummy chocolate flavor, and in case you haven’t heard, cacao is extremely healthy for the heart. I simply mix this with water, but some people like to mix it with almond milk for a little added richness (without the dairy). I think its perfectly yummy when simply mixed with water, and I don’t want the additional calories that would come from adding almond milk, but that’s personal preference. What I often like to do is heat my water up ahead of time and then add the green chocolate powder and its like a yummy cup of hot chocolate (just not as thick). I still cant get over the fact that its ever more nutritious than a bowl of kale – tastes so much more yummy than that!

I like to keep both of these powders in the house so that I can alter between them for the sake of variety, that way I never really tire of one. I also like to use the powders as a base for a smoothie.

There is an additional brand that I haven’t yet tried, but it has come highly recommended to me, so the next time I need to order, this one will be on my list:  Garden of Life Perfect Food.  While I haven’t already tried their green powder, I have tried their Super Seed fiber drink, and its another staple in my home – LOVE IT – so I’m quite certain I’m going to love their green powder “perfect food” as well, and I’m really excited to give it a try as soon as it s time for me to restock.

How I Make a Green SuperFood Powder Smoothie

For either of these two green superfood powder mixes that I’ve mentioned above, I sometimes like to add a bit of variety and change things up a bit by using them to create a yummy smoothie.  Its really easy to do:

I combine in a blender:

  • one cup of milk,
  • two bananas,
  • a hearty scoop of the green superfood powder
  • half a pack of frozen blueberries.It tastes great and actually gives me a boost of energy for several hours.

I think the key to success in a green drink powder is to find one that you like. I’ve tried several and they can range from putrid to pretty good. Let’s face it, greens in any format are never going to taste like chocolate milk! But you want them to be at least somewhat pleasant to consume. If it doesn’t taste palatable, your not going to stick with it, so once again, its not a realistic solution.

I find that when I drink either of my favorite green powder drinks, it just tastes healthy.  I don’t mean in a bad way. I mean, it feels good going down. I can feel that it is nourishing my body, and I like that feeling.

Green powders contain superfoods which have very powerful benefits. They’re quick and easy, no clean up needed, and you can make them anywhere. Just add  water, stir, and you’re good to go.

Aside from the nice boost of energy I get from drinking my green superfood drink powder, I’ve noticed other benefits as well, one of which is improved digestion. I have a mild IBS condition, and I find that it is much improved when I am drinking my chocolate greens in particular.

One thing to note when you start drinking a green superfood powder drink, as it detoxifies you, you might get itchy the first few times. You may even develop a little bit of a rash – for me it typically occurs at the back of my neck, but different people may experience it in different locations.  This is not a bad thing, in fact, its good.  This is your liver kicking out the toxins into your bloodstream and then expelling them out of your body through the skin.

For some, drinking their greens is an acquired taste, but I personally had no trouble acquiring the taste. In fact, I rather enjoyed both of my favorite green powdered superfood drinks from sip one.  Its well worth giving it a chance.  After a few days, you will probably find that you have indeed acquired the taste (IF it takes that long), and within a few weeks you’ll start to really feel and notice the benefit. You’ll feel more vibrant and energized, you’ll sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed, and feel more clear headed. Your digestion will work better.

A good greens powder will contain some pretty potent stuff and pack a lot of superfoods that help to not only energize and nourish the body, but also detoxify and heal the body.

Look for a greens powder that contains the following powerhouse ingredients:

  • Sea Vegetables- Spiralina and chlorella contain B Vitamins, which boost the immune system, help the body deal with stress (mental and physical), and increase energy. Spiralina is a nutrient-packed superfood containing twice as much protein as spinach as well as antioxidants and nine essential amino acids.
  • Tumeric – anti-cancer, good for the cardiovascular system, and an anti-inflammatory so it’s a great natural pain reliever and good for the brain; has been shown to help prevent or combat dementia.
  • Ashwaganda – is a adaptogen herb which lowers stress; when we lower stress we lower cortisol production in the body, and lower cortisol often reduces belly fat
  • Monk fruit- a superfood which also adds a bit of sweetness to the greens powder.  It is also an immune booster, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, helps with weight loss, reduces risk of cancer, helps to manage diabetes, protects against heart attacks and strokes.
  • Coconut extract- helps to transport nutrients to your cells, and contains electrolytes.
  • Beet juice power – nitric oxide – helps circulation & is anti aging
  • Matcha green tea – calming and boosts energy – sustaining energy.

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