Ever since sustaining a twisted rib 2 and a half months ago, I’ve also been dealing with another problem – extreme pain through my back when I sit more than an hour at my computer. I’ve come to learn there is a name for this condition, “computer back”.  If back pain from sitting at a desk all  all day is a problem for you, as it is now for me, this post will walk you through some great resources I’ve found for yoga for relief of computer back pain.

This new daily chronic pain from sitting at my computer all day is a serious problem, since my work requires me to be on my computer an average of 12 hours a day – nonstop.   Its become debilitating for me so I’ve been searching for yoga I can do to help provide relief of “computer back”.  Here are some great resources I’ve found on yoga for relief of computer back pain.

There is some overlap of the exercises from one resource to the next – I suspect the poses that are repeated over the various resources are probably some of the best to start with if you are specifically interested in yoga for relief of computer back pain. These yoga exercises or poses would also be helpful for anyone who spends long hours each day sitting at a desk.  Whether you’re sitting at a desk, on the couch, the default position for many people is shoulders forward, hips flexed, back slightly bent, and hunched over.

Eventually, this hunched over position leads to tightness, inflexibility, and poor posture. You’ll start to feel hip pain, back pain, tight muscles, and more.

In my case, it took 17 years of long hours at the computer, often 7 days a week, for it all to catch up with me – but, catch up with me it has, right out of the clear blue, and its taken a toll on me with a vengeance.  Once day I was perfectly fine, and the next day was the start of severe, chronic, debilitating daily (and often nightly) pain.

I’m hoping that doing these yoga exercises daily, I’ll be able to strengthen by back and circumvent this debilitating problem:

Yoga for computer Back Pain:

In the video below, this 30 second exercise, called the Thorac Bridge, is said by the instructor to be the single best mobility exercise you can do. And its simple to do – takes just 30 seconds.  It will open your body back up, pull you into proper alignment, and help you stand up straight.  No need for a whole long routine or a sequence of time consuming exercises – 30 seconds, and you’re done.  I like that, because it makes it realistic and achieveable for a lot of people who wouldnt otherwsie have the time or inclination to commit to a long routine. Pe30 seconds is very doable, so you are likely to stick with it and keep doing it.  People who do this daily claim it has made the world of difference for them, so I’m all in.

Then there’s these two collections of yoga poses, below, for relief for computer back:



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