Gave Pinky 5 ml at around 7pm
Gave another 5 ml between 8pm and 11pm

Give 5 more times – or more

For immune system, Ear mites, bacterial infections, fungal infections, mouth and dental issues, including stomatitis.

Once again, on colloidal silver for cats dosage:  For more virulent diseases we recommend a dosage of one oral syringeful (10ml) three to seven times per day for ten days, then a syringeful twice per day for four more days. Some ailments require more aggressive treatment. In most cases the more you can get in them, the faster the healing takes place. Do not be afraid of giving too much.

This is contrary to other sites I have seen on the internet which say to give a couple of drops. This is nonsense. More than a few drops are needed to wipe out an infection. Do not be nervous about dosing heavily for a chronic or acute condition that needs serious attention.

This is the dosage for most conditions that are severe enough to require immediate attention. Of course, if it is a life-threatening condition, get your cat to the emergency vet ASAP


For maintaining the general health of the cat dose given can be 5ml/day. In case of any health issues 5–10 ml can be given 3–4 times day but this depends size of the cat.


1/2 teaspoon 3-5 times per day for more severe situations

Cats or small dogs can get 5 ml (1 tsp) of Colloidal Silver two or three times a day


For Maintenance: Once daily

Immune-Building: 2-3 times daily.

Treating a Specific Health Condition: up to 5 times daily.

Short Term Acute Support: up to 7 times daily.

  • Large Cats 1-2 teaspoons per dose
  • Small Cats – up to 1 (5ml) teaspoon per dose
  • Kittens – ¼ -1/2 teaspoon per dose

If a dog or cat is not responding as desired, it is perfectly fine to increase the dose.


Gave Pinky 5 ml at around 7pm
Give 6 more times – or more


I would also suggest 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day. I fill a small syringe and administer directly into the mouth. 10ppm or 20ppm seems to work well.

I have sovereign colloidal silver, the company says I can give him 2 dropersfull 5 times a day.

Dear Barbara,

I think the amount you wish to use and adding it to broth both sound fine. We have used large amounts of colloidal silver for our pets with only good results. I hope you find the same for yours!

~Mama to Many~

teaspoon/5ml 3 x a day

Keep in mind that all of the information I read said when you are treating pets, it is best to give too much than too little when you are trying to cure a specific ailment.  My own experience with treating internal issues has produced noticeable results in hours administering silver every 2-3 hours.

How Much Colloidal Silver Should I Give My Cat?

  • Large Cats 1-2 teaspoons per dose
  • Small Cats – up to 1 teaspoon per dose
  • Kittens – ¼ -1/2 teaspoon per dose

If a dog or cat is not responding as desired, it is perfectly fine to increase the dose. There is a wide range of ppm (parts per million) of colloidal silver solutions. If you buy a colloidal silver product, you can follow package directions and dilute to about 20 ppm. If you are making it yourself, aim for a final solution that is between 15-30 ppm.

Probiotics appear to increase the iron absorbing capability of the gut. In particularly, a 2019 systematic review of the research found that the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum 299v significantly increased iron absorption in humans                            

coq10 50 mg for cats 10 mg per 10 lb body weight

The benefits of Omega-3 are not immediate and can take up to 2-3 weeks to take effect. Start your cat with a 1/2 teaspoon daily dose of Omega fish oil for cats. You can feed fish oils to them directly. But the best and easiest method is to mix fish oil into their food.

Ensure you maintain a daily routine to ensure proper benefits. Once you start to see positive effects in your cat, you can lower their Omega-3 amount to 1/4 teaspoon per day. However, this might be too low of an amount for your cat. To ensure your cat receives their optimal amount of Omega-3, you may have to change the amounts they consume until you hit that sweet spot and determine the proper amount that’s right for them. Patience and consistency are key when giving your feline friend Omega-3.

The smaller the particle size of the CS is, the greater its surface area and the higher its efficiency. That’s why even a concentration of 20 ppm is still much more effective than other brands which contain up to 500 ppm!


For Maintenance: Once daily

Immune-Building: 2-3 times daily.

Treating a Specific Health Condition: up to 5 times daily.

Short Term Acute Support: up to 7 times daily.

Below are some guidelines for amounts to give for treating any kind of health condition; however, colloidal silver is not dose specific. (Some other information on the internet seems to make you think it is.) When your pet is dealing with an acute condition they can have much higher doses of the silver for short term help in curing something specific, with no ill effects.

· Small Dogs, Cats:

o 2 lbs to 10 lbs – 1 tsp – or half of 10ml syringe two to three times a day for 2 weeks or more

o 11 lbs to 25 lbs – 1 1/3 tsp

Goldenseal for cats

could you do beta glucans?

I will try not to get too technical and keep my response as simple as possible. When using a nebulizer, you want to use ionic silver. Ionic silver particles are safe for lung intake. The smaller particles disperse into the lungs more effectively and then throughout the body via the bloodstream. Colloidal silver is needed for ingestion because the larger particle size won’t break down or combine with the salts in the stomach resulting in a useless, ineffective dose. I have used both forms topically.

My regimen has reversed the onset of colon cancer for me. And has reversed a cancerous tumor in a friend’s lung. His Doctors are still amazed that he has no other issues for these last 7 years now. He does “maintenance doses” to ward off any recurrences. Keep in mind that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment, but thrives in an acidic one; so I have also changed my diet to reflect that to better assist me. After any silver ingestion, one must supplement with pre/probiotics to rebuild the gut flora properly. I have many more examples too long to write about here. I have been an avid user of silver for over 25 years now, with nothing but positive results for me, and others in my life willing to try same regimens.


Multiple Ailments Posted by Sue M (Ks) on 10/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal silver/apple cider vi

negar for Herpes Virus (Chronic Upper Respiratory infection, IBD)

My cat has (had) many issues. Deemed “unadoptable” (special needs) she was in a no kill shelter for approx. 5 years. She is 8 years old. After many vet visits and hours of research online to find cures or treatment for her, I thought why not check out colloidal silver as I have used it for years on myself. I am always extremely careful with administering anything to my baby girl as she is extremely sensitive.

Her chronic Upper respiratory infection (Herpes virus) caused weekly mucous discharge from her nasal passage and a discharge from her left eye. The mucous discharge was so large and thick (size of a USB stick) she was clearly uncomfortable. She was exhibiting weekly symptoms of her URI. We knew this was the deal if we purchased her- she was after all a sick cat.

So after much research and many impressive reviews I administered one dropper of S——n Colloidal Silver around the edge of her wet food so she would lick it up. She did. After 10 days her symptoms plus crazy discharge disappeared. COMPLETELY! I was annoyed with myself I didn’t try it earlier. She is spritely and chatty again. She looks like a different cat! She looks normal! My husband can’t believe its the same animal. I use common sense when giving her any medication and start off slow. Even her chronic yeast infection in her ears have seemed to clear through the silver in her food. It’s a remarkable difference. I also spray it on her hot spots!

I give her two nuggets of food drenched in a 50/50 mix of Apple cider vinegar mixed with water whenever she looks a bit lethargic or off color. Within a day or two she is happy again. I find these two products not negotiable in her kitty medicine cabinet. No more pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary. I will shout about it from the rooftops-its that good! Good luck! 🙂 AMAZING STUFF!

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