Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for proper blood clotting. Vitamin K is also absolutely essential for strong bones, preventing tooth decay, preventing heart disease and cardiovascular disease, preventing Arterial calcification and maintaining arterial health, and preventing varicose veins. It may play a role in preventing dementia (Alzhiemers) and preventing or overcoming several types of cancer, including prostate, liver, lung and colon cancer.

Most people are not consuming optimal levels of Vitamin K2. Especially if you are at risk of heart disease or blocked arteries, you should take a high-quality K2 supplement.  Vitamin K2 is the recommended form on vitamin K supplement. Vitamin K2  is made by the bacteria that line your gastrointestinal tract; K2 goes straight to your blood vessel walls, bones, and tissues other than your liver. vitamin K2, which , unlike other forms of vitamin K, is natural and not toxic, at even 500 times the RDA. Vitamin K2, which is made in your body and also produced by fermented foods, is a superior form of vitamin K.

You must always consumee your vitamin K supplement with a little bit of fat since it is fat-soluble and won’t be absorbed without it

Exact dosing is yet to be determined, Mercola recommends between 45 mcg and 185 mcg daily for adults. You must use caution on the higher doses if you take anticoagulants, but if you are generally healthy and not on these types of medications, 150 mcg daily is suggested.

For optimal effects, take vitamin K2 along with vitamin D (and calcium).

If you have experienced stroke, cardiac arrest, or are prone to blood clotting, you should not take vitamin K2 without first consulting your physician.

Vitamin K2 Protects Your Heart

Vitamin K2 helps to prevent hardening of the arteries, which is a common factor in coronary artery disease and heart failure. Research suggests vitamin K2 may help to keep calcium out of your artery linings and other body tissues, where it can causedamage. The latest studies show it’s vitamin K2, rather than K1, in concert with vitamin D, that prevents calcification in your coronary arteries, thereby preventing cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin K2 Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

The absolute best way to achieve healthy bones is a diet rich in fresh, raw whole foods that maximizes natural minerals so your body has the raw materials it needs to do what it was designed to do.Vitamin K2 is one of the most important nutritional interventions for improving your bone density. It serves as the biological “glue” that helps plug calcium and other important minerals into your bone matrix. There have been some remarkable research studies about the protective effects of vitamin K2 against osteoporosis

Additional Health Benefits of Vitamin K

As written in the March 2004 Life Extension magazine4, researchers have found many other beneficial effects of vitamin K including:

  • Vitamin K2 deficiency may be a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease, and vitamin K2 supplementation may help in preventing it

What Real Users Say About their Experiences With Vitamin K

This is super for regulating bleeding.  I used to bleed almost abnormally too long with small cuts. now they stop bleeding quickly and heal quickly.

I bought this to increase the strength of my veins and to help prevent varicose veins. It’s working.\

Essential vitamin to help get calcium to bones. Calcium deposits in arteries cause hardening. This gets the calcium where it is needed

I had an inflammation in my gums for 15 years. Nothing worked for more than a week at a time. This fixed the problem in just a few days and I haven’t had to take it since. Still have it though, just in case.

If you have any circulatory problems, try it for several months. You’ll be very pleased

I have osteopenia and studies have shown that the calcium you take WILL NOT ENTER YOUR BONES without K2…it will clog your arteries instead.

Vitamin K2 deficiency may be a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease, and vitamin K2 supplementation may help in preventing it.

One rodent study showed dramatic reduction in atherosclerosis with massive K-2 dosage.

important for vascular health ..vein walls.. and for circulation.

This dose is not going to create unhealthy blood clots, but will ensure you blood clots as it should.

It is very good for anemia, heavy menstrual bleeding, and the bleeding gums. (And many other benefits for bones, liver and bladder.)

When I had my tonsils out 30 years ago, the doctor discovered I had a tendency to be a free bleeder. All my life I have bruised easily, bled a lot when cut, had dark circles, and even spider veins unless I took Vitamin K. I have taken Vitamin K most of my life.

in the short time I’ve been using it My teeth do feel cleaner. I take 3 per day.

The Mk7 (natural) form has a much longer half life than the MK4 (synthetic) form. Now Foods say this is the MK4 form… but don’t say that anywhere on the bottle. NOW do sell a form that is specifically MK7. The studies using 100 ug were done with MK7 (K2-7). The studies using 3 mg were done with Mk4 (K2-4). Thus 100 ug of K2 Mk4 is useless! 🙁

After began to take it, my teeth and gums seems better than before. My teeth is more smooth, and gums seems to be healthier.

You must use K-2 if you use Vitamin D3 or it is useless.

The Weston Price foundation suggests that you should take this with Vit D and Vitamin A as they complement one another.

Taking for help strengthening me veins and capillaries. I have a predisposition for vascular weakness. Seems to be helping.

Use 100mcg for each 1500ius of vitamin D & consider taking Magnesium too.

MK7 version of K2

Vit K2 is great for directing calcium into your bones and keeps it from going into your soft tissues. If you have a soft tissue injury, calcium can deposit at the injury site causing healing issues. Vit K2 will prevent that. It also keeps calcium from building up in your arteries. You don’t want that! This is how athletes like distance runners have heart attacks. They take in too much calcium and not enough magnesium and K2. I was diagnosed with calcific deposites in my rototor cuff tendon. It has been debilitating. I took this for a few months and my shoulder injury is finally improving. I found the most benefit when I trippled the dose to 300mg a day. For maintenance 100-200mg should be good. This is the MK7 version of K2 vs. the MK4. The MK4 type has a shorter half life so you need to take more of it to get the same effect. I found taking 3 pills a day of this MK7 product is working well for my shoulder issue. For maintenance I will dial it back to 1 a day. Although this is a fat soluable vitamin there is no research suggesting any toxicity issues. People should feel safe taking 2 or 3 of these a day. There is a prominent ND in Canada who has researched this topic and has come to this conclusion. To help insure calcium is absorbed into the bone and teeth take K2 with your Cal/Mag

Plaque in the arteries is made up of calcium, cholesterol, fat, etc. As soon as I’d read that calcium can get shuttled into our arteries rather than into our bones if we are low on vitamin K-2, I started looking for a good k-2 mk7 supplement so that I could up the amount I am getting every day as well as help clean my arteries. Update: I’m getting it from my diet now including from my homemade cultured veggies. This is important to take if you are supplementing with calcium/magnesium/d3, however. And k2 is fat soluble so take with a bit of good fats in your food. Just had my teeth cleaned and noticed my teeth felt stronger during the process, less tartar than last cleaning, and no inflammation.

Very important for proper blood clotting. A must have for bone strength and to prevent hardening of the arteries. It also regulates calcium so it dosen’t bild up in the arteries if you take a calcium supplement.

this is the natural form of K2 (MK7) but having compared it to the synthetic form (5 mg) and Natto the dose seems a little too low. I take some Natto about once a week to keep my levels up… but if I don’t the plaque on the back of my teeth comes back. Nonetheless I’m sure it’s working even at this tiny dose… as if I don’t take it the plaque comes back even faster.

I`m in my mid 60th and these caps. has helped lowering my high blood pressure, most likely due to the decalcifying of the ateries.

I feel better, since I take the MK-7 capsules. My heart beat more rhythmically.

MK-7 has a long half-life so I only need to take one capsule every other day and skip the weekends.

Jarrow MK7 = K2

arrow Forumula provides the best, most highly absorbably, biologically active form of Vitamin K2 that has been clinically proven to REVERSE arterial calcification by up to 50% in test subjects. Excess calcium in the arteries is a far better indicator of cardiovascular risk than cholesterol which is the hoax that has been used to brainwash the American populace as the principal cause for heart attacks and strokes. MK-7 helps the body assimilate calcium in the bones and teeth while preventing calcification of the soft tissue as well as maintaining arterial elasticity which helps regulates blood pressure. Vitamin K has many benefits for the body beyond proper blood clotting

I was using the product to help get calcium into my bones,but also found out it is good for my heart. I have only been on this product 3 months and my chiropractor told me my spine alignment is staying in place longer than before.

i used this last summer to skip a root canal procedure costing thousands. It did recalsify my tooth and the pain disappeared. I switched to cheaper MK-2 and the results gradually faded. I am sticking with MK-7 from now now, also Jarrow products havent let me down! Also using horsetail tea has assisted in the re-enamilization and its only $4 a box. Dentist know all all this.

I can say that I have taken it on and off for a couple of years now, and during a recent cardio series was found to have zero percent(0%) blockage in my carotid arteries, and 1% was an option. This product combined with a good Serrapeptase product and Enzymedica LypoGold is a good choice for the circulatory system.

As a coumadin patient, the K2 helps strip the calcium deposits from my blood vesses. Very important.

My joints are definitely more flexible since taking this product, although my prime reason for taking it is to help keep osteoporosis at bay.

MK-7 only made my health worse. MK-7 companies don’t want you to know about the side effects and risks of having this in your blood for 72 hours. MK-7 can build up and cause toxicity. Don’t trust everything Life Extension says about MK-7. Search around and you’ll see what I mean. Irritability and worse. Don’t be fooled by marketing hype and rat safety studies.

No nosebleeds since I began taking this product. Helps blood clot.

It is supposed to support bone formation in people with osteoporosis and reverse calcification of the arteries. However, in Japan, where it is doctor prescribed for these conditions, it is taken in huge 45mg. doses. I am seeking a more potent formula.

This remarkable vitamin helps to remove plaque from the arteries and assists bone building by taking calcium to the bone. My health has improved from taking this supplement along with nattokinase.

After about a month, Systolic dropped about 15 points.

This brand was suggested by cardiologist Stephen Sinatra.

I did not notice until after I had ordered it–it contains caramel color, recently found to be carcinogenic. I will shop for another brand. I think I am done with Jarrow after this, having had other issues with this company before.

I’ve been following H Larsen’s research of medical documents in combating heart arrhythmia, and this is one of the supplements that seem to help. I’ve not had another bout since learning what has worked for some of the sufferers on his forum and duplicating it, in addition following a paleo diet, less caffeine

My husband has had three heart procedures. After beginning this product he went for a checkup and his heart doctor was completely surprised at how “perfect” (doctor’s words) his ekg read. His blood pressure has been doing much better. Always before the arteries filling up would change all that! He only takes one a day and sometimes skips a day since we read that it does build up in the system.

I take this product in conjunction with taking Thorns Research Vitamin D, the two work well together and my vitamin D levels has improved dramatically as has my energy levels.

According to Life Extension, this form of vitamin k, particularly when combined with vitamin d-3, helps to prevent cancer;

Menaquinone-7 has a fairly long “half-life” so I take it every other day.

A mix of cultures who have recognised there are suppliments that undoubtably play a roll in improved cardio vascular support. By taking a selection from different cultures around the world one can administer your own formula for good vascular health. The research and facts seem to support the following observations – From Japan and Korea a daily diet of Nattokinase (fermented soy)and Vitamin K2 (MK-7) helps distribute calcium to the bones and teeth stopping build up in the blood vessels, Red Rice yeast from China has a property like Lipex lowering cholestrol, CoQ10 is a supporting suppliment to assist with cell health when taking large doses of red rice yeast, Omega3 found in krill oil from New Zealand and Resveratrol from France all make up a balanced potion for good vascular health…just throw in a little exercise.

have been taking this product mainly to improve cardio health. My energy has improved, but will take long term to see if it improves my hypertension.

Excellent product for maintaining blood vessel health. Combine this MK7 product with an MK4.

When on warfarin to thin the blood you will be advised not to take anything which helps the blood coagulate like vit-K,however i still find this product helps my tired varicous veins whilst affecting my I.N.R very little.

My sole concern about this supplement is how much natto gets through in the pills. If you take vitamin D3 oil capsules (which you probably should), be smart and take vitamin K2/MK-7 as well. The longer-chain forms of the vitamin stay in the blood longer and have recently been found more effective in one or two applications, including against prostate cancer.

Taking this in combination with vitamin D3 made my teeth feel glossier and harder than before, and reduced uncomfortable feelings from very hot and cold drinks, suggesting to me that it really works for mopping up calcium from where it does not belong and putting it back into teeth and bone.

I bought this product because I had read it is good for reucing aortic stenosis. I have been taking it for about a month now and my murmur is no longer audible.

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