Finally! A method for cleaning window screens that REALLY works! I mean, REALLY!!!

I’ve tried other methods with disappointing results, didnt think I’d ever get my screens clean. Then today I couldnt take looking at that dirty, dusty, cobwebby, cat-furry screen on my garden door anymore.  Ran an internet search and found this one, which looked promising. I liked the fact that it has household ammonia in it, and I’m pretty sure that’s what did the trick:

Mix one cup of household ammonia and a tablespoon (I think I used more) of dish detergent in about three cups of water and pour it into a spray bottle. The instructions said to move the screen into your bathtub and run it under warm water. I tired that last time, and didn’t like that method – my garden door screen is HUGE.  So I took it outside and hosed it down with the garden hose (resorted to that ultimately last time too when I was unhappy with the results in the bathtub).

Next spray the screen down with the solution, making sure to cover the entire screen with solution. Use a scrub brush to gently remove grime and dirt (or in my case, dust, cobwebs and cat fluff, and well… actually, cat snot from my chronically sinusitus/sneezing little tabby Ringo – yes, it melted that baked on snot right off of there – AMAZING!!).  The scrub brush I used was one of those long handed kitcchen brushes with firm bristles, I think its technically a bottle washer or jar washer. It worked super-well. Last time I used one of those old fashioned-type scrub brushes that are about the size of the palm of my hand. This seemed to work better, its like a super-large tooth brush. The bristles are firm, yet soft enough to do what they need to do – just right. And I think the long handle was really helpful too in allowing me to apply just the right amount of pressure and movement when scrubbing.

Run the screen under warm water to remove any excess residue. I just blasted it good with the garden hose. Finally, gently shake your screen free of water and allow it to air-dry. I took mine in after 5 minutes and a good shaking, and then I gently ran a towel over it to dry off the wetness – worked like a charm!

I am amazed at how AMAZING my screens look, and how well this method worked. This ones a keeper for life!


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