A pet capsule I found online was 210mg of Echinacea. So I would use this dose as the guideline.


Echinacea has been used for years to help with natural immunity and works by maintaining your pet’s normal immune functions. This herb extract is said to increase white blood cell production which may help fight certain infections.

With a potent 210mg per serving, Echinacea is a great natural supplement to add to their diet to help with their natural immunity.

When To Give Your Pet Echinacea

As echinacea works to help fortify your pet’s natural immunity from within, it’s ideal to use the herb before they are already suffering rather than when they are feeling under the weather. For this reason, it’s recommended to give your pet echinacea on an ongoing basis or when you believe they could be exposed to illness (such as when going to the kennels). As the plant works to get their body ready for potential invaders, try to use Echinacea on and off for periods of time to really keep your pet’s natural immunity ready for when it’s needed.

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