A couple days ago when I looked in the mirror in the morning, I noticed a crease on my ear lobe.  I immediately recalled that I had read something some where along the way about a crease or wrinkle on the ear lobe being indicative of a serious health condition, however , I couldnt recall the details. I immediately ran in internet search and, sure enough, a diagonal crease on the earlobe, pointing toward the shoulder, can be an indicator of heart disease, often present in people who die of sudden cardiac arrest (in otherwords, they weren’t even aware they had heart disease prior to the cardiac arrest. Sigh… in my case, I have sleep apnea attacks which feel like my heart has stopped; my hart frequently pounds, flutters, and palpitates, and I have high blood pressure. So, this is hardly shocking.

I immediately set about compiling research on which supplements I should be taking for cardiovascular health. I already happened to have several on hand in my ‘war-chest’. So I started taking them immediately.  I’ll be adding to the list, based on my ongoing research. Below I am recording links I wish to investigate further.


An exhaustive list here:




What you need to know about coQ10 – before you take it:







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